Event: Harbin’s Ice and Snow Festival – Luggage Factory
Event: Harbin’s Ice and Snow Festival

Event: Harbin’s Ice and Snow Festival

In Harbin, China, every January 5, the city showcases wonderful palaces made of solid ice. These palaces are constructed like regular buildings. Except the materials are solid blocks. LED and regular light get placed within the blocks to created unique patterns.

The newest buildings include a tower 26 meters high.

The Ice and Snow Festival began in 1963. The festival originated as part of Harbin’s traditional ice lantern show and garden party. In 2001, Harbin’s Ice festival fused with Heilongjiang’s International Ski Festival. Since then it has been known as Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

Now it stands as the largest Ice Festival in the entire world.

The festival usually begins with fireworks, coupled with a series of theatrical performances; in addition to snow activities in the Sun Island, the Ice and Snow Amusement World Park and the Zhaolin Park.  

Visitors may walk through three Ice Sculpting venues. In these venues, visitors will see two world record size ice sculptures; a few ice palaces, monuments and statues. One of the most interesting statues includes a replica of the Wall of China, which children can use as a slide.

At the same time as the Festival, Harbin has many other ice related venues like ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling and sleigh rides.  Some of these events start as early as December 21, 2014. The events get split up among several parks. The Festivals end in February 5, when the sculptures start melting off.

It’s advice for tourist to visit Harbin in mid-December. The hotels usually get full by January 1. Visitors will not be bored while they wait for the ice festival since Harbin’s other parks has events occurring during December, including Christmas.

On a final note, visitors must beware of sub-zero temperatures. On average, Harbin’s January has temperatures which range from -13 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid catching a chill, tourist must wear thermal underwear, gloves, hats and masks. In essence, they must be dressed as if they were visiting the Artic.

Visitors must also wear sun glasses or snow glasses to prevent snow blindness. If limbs lose sensitivity do not roast them with hot water. Rather go into a warm interior and rub them until sensitivity returns.

When it comes to cameras, Hardin’s cold temperature causes the battery to be drained faster.  Sometimes, if you take the battery out and warm it, it may still work for at least 10 more photos.

Lastly, visitors must not trust Taxi Drivers. They must make certain the drivers putted on the meters; otherwise, visitors will get charge arbitrary prices. Also make certain to pay the exact amount, since you may be given fake money as change.

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