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Milan, Italy

Located at the northernmost reaches of Italy, Milan stands as the second largest Italian city by population. Traditionally, Milan has been thought of as the fashion capital of the world, and while that may be true, the artistic and architectural integrity of Milan’s famous past pervades the city. Plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Duomo di Milano- Originally constructed in 1386, constantly renovated, and uncompleted until 1965, Duomo di Milano cathedral towers over the square below, highlighting its magnificence and architectural grace. La Scala Opera- The historic stage and column-lined box seats feature in La Scala Opera, which remains perhaps the most famous opera house in the world. Duomo Architecture- A number of Gothic peaks top different buildings throughout the squares in Milan, making building admiration much more interesting. Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore- A church dating back to the 1500’s featuring a bevy of frescoes, ornate architecture and Reformation era architecture and accenting. L’Ultima Cena- A representation of the Last Supper of Jesus rendered by Leonardo Da Vinci in a Renaissance style fresco that spans an entire wall. 5 Great Sites for Kids:   The World of Leonardo da Vinci- Educational and historical, the World of Leonardo da Vinci is a fun trip for the kids to learn about the original Renaissance Man. Sforza Castle- Castles inspire wonder for young and old, making Sforza Castle, originally erected in the 15th century, a great place to explore a time long past. Gardaland Water Park- There’s nothing like a day in the sun, enjoying water slides and other water park exclusives. Milan Science Museum- An amazing museum detailing the evolution of technology throughout history. With lots of interactive exhibits, the museum is a perfect day trip for kids. Prehistoric Park- Take a walk through a time before ancient history, when cavemen, dinosaurs, and earlier pelycosaurs roamed the Earth. 5 Free Attractions:   Sempione Park- Located in the shadow of Sforza Castle, Sempione Park frames the surrounding monuments beautifully. Civic Aquarium- It’s not quite free as there is a small fee, but the fantastic experience of underwater life at the Civic Aquarium feels more than worth the money. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II- Come for the shopping and stay for the architecture as high end shops are perfectly blended amidst Renaissance and later era architecture. Scope out a Church- Milan features ornate churches conceived throughout many different eras of architecture. It’s easy to find one and gawk at the structure and artistic vison. Monumental Cemetery Milan- The Monumental Cemetery is not only a collection of famous graves, but also a feature of famous sculpture and art pieces collected from around the Mediterranean. 5 Great Restaurants: Nerino Dieci Trattoria- Specializing in Italian food and other related Mediterranean dishes, Nerino exquisitely prepares and presents each food item. The look of the food is exceeded only by its quality and atmosphere. G.B. Bar- The paninis from G.B. are raved about all over Milan and far beyond. The café also offers a variety of other sandwiches and excellent bruschetta. Johnnypizzaportafoglio- Authentic pizza with thick crust cooked in a true wood-fire oven, Johnnypizzaportafoglio may be small place, but churns out the best pizza around. Flower Burger- For vegetarians, or anyone looking for an alternative to Italian food, Flower Burger offers a prime menu filled with different veggie burgers, French fries, and more. Cremeria Rossi- If you have a sweet-tooth, or if you’re just looking for a good cannoli or gelato, Cremeria Rossi provides both variety and quality. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: Ginger Cocktail Lab- As the name suggests, the Ginger Cocktail Lab offers a variety of unique and colorful cocktail options for patrons to try. The drinks are well prepared, and the service is excellent! Club Haus 80’s Milano- While it’s only open on Friday and Saturday nights, that only serves to increase the fun as everyone wants to be a part of the 80’s, disco, and different theme nights put on at Club Haus. It might be the most fun you have all trip. Bar Bamm- A funky bar with pop culture flair, laser lights, and a substantial drink menu. Banco Bar- A relaxing bar atmosphere in Navigli, Banco Bar is the place to kick back with a drink after a full day of traveling around. Bubbles Lounge Bar Milano-A bar and lounge with a little bit of fancy flair highlighted by a stark modern interior and fancy drink menu. 5 Romantic Getaways:   Duomo- While the Piazza is a top attraction in Milan; it doubles as one of the chief romantic spots in all of Italy. With breathtaking views and awe-inspiring architecture, it’s sure to make for a memorable date. Corso Buenos Aires- The main shopping drag in all of Europe makes an excellent date around the holidays or in the twilight hours. Lake Como- A short distance north of Milan, Lake Como is a serene retreat spot for couples looking to escape the downtown area of the city. Brera Botanical Garden- Brera affords couples the opportunity to retreat into nature in a secluded garden near the center of Milan. Mermaid’s Bridge- One of the most romantic spots in all of Milan, Mermaid’s Bridge is the spot to share an afternoon kiss with your date! It’s as scenic as it gets! 5 Must-Try Foods: Pizza- While it may be a relatively normal food for many travelers around the world, no prior pizza compares to an authentic slice at one of Milan’s many pizza restaurants. Panzerotto-Available on a number of corners throughout Milan, panzerotto consists of cheese, tomato, and sometimes meat fried inside a dough ball. Panino- An authentic grilled Panini in Milan will take what you think you know about Paninis and send it to the flavor extreme. Polenta- Polenta, sometimes served with sauce, cheese, or meat depending on your fancy, consists of fried or baked cornmeal. happyhourmialnGelato- A huge variety of ice cream flavors is available throughout Milan and travelers would be wise to try at least a few different spots in the city. Climate: The climate in Milan fluctuates from season to season with temperatures hovering in the 40’s and 50’s from November through March, and rising between the 50’s and 70’s from April through October. Milan experiences the highest volume of rain from April until November, while the drier months extend from November through February. Transportation: The fastest way to travel around Milan is the Metro system with four different lines of subways that service the major areas of the city. Bus and tram lines are available for travelers hit different destinations within the city, while the suburban rail connects Milan to the surrounding towns. Safety Precautions: As with any major city with prominent tourist attractions, crime can be a concern. The main issue lies with unsuspecting tourists visiting major sites, getting distracted by the activity, then losing items to pick pockets. However, general crime in Milan is largely not an issue. Other than minding your surroundings when adventuring without a map, there are no major safety concerns in the city. Souvenirs: Italian food or desserts, that can actually make the trip home legally and feasibly, are an excellent souvenir item. If you’re shopping for someone back home while moving about Milan, a hand-made keepsake, available in one of the small clothing shops around the city is an excellent souvenir. Trip Highlights: The real memories will come from your visit to the Duomo cathedral and square, and the pictures you take with you from that site. The food throughout Milan is addicting, leaving you in a state of withdrawal on the flight home. Paperwork: As with any international travel destination, U.S. residents must obtain and carry a passport with them to travel to Milan. It is also important to maintain identification and all necessary trip itineraries. Air Travel: Milan Malpensa Airport chiefly services Milan and the surrounding area. It is located northwest of downtown Milan in the metropolitan area. Most major airlines, including American Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, and many others provide service to the airport. Transportation to and from the airport is available via train, taxi, bus, and rental car service depending on your preference.

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