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Miami Beach

Miami Beach Travel Experts The other day our travel experts where watchingBritish Comedian Stephen Fry refer to Miami Beach as a dull and unimpressive city.  Calling it a city of "old folks and ugly people". To use his exact words he referred to it as “a city that promises so much and delivers so little.” Needless to say, the road warrior and self-proclaimed travel experts Stephen Fry  and the travel experts at Luggage Factory are in great disagreement on this subject so it is with great spite that we give you the TRUE face of Miami Beach. We will be covering more than just the cliche night clubs and the beaches. Instead we will  try to incorporate some of the vibe and buzz of the city. Something that Stephen Fry probably missed while driving around on his little British car.

Miami Beach at a Glance.

To reach Miami beach by land you must enter thru two bridges that offer a magnificent view. As you drive up the 1mile long bridge that connects downtown Miami to Miami Beach thru Highway I95   you begin to unable the beauty of the city as the skyline unfolds before you. You first see the blue sky, then the building skyline then the 40-different species of palm trees followed by sandy white beaches to your left and right, and a pristine and calm waterway. For the best experience you must drive with the car windows down and really enjoy the sandy air. Right afterwards you go thru a small Jewish community filled with all thing kosher.

Places to Check out at the entrance of Miami Beach

Yeung’s Garden Chinese Restaurant – Probably the best Chinese food in town. The Chocolate Factory – Probably the single most delicious chocolate you will ever eat. Carlos and Gabby sandwich  and Grill – An unlikely  mix of Hispanic and Jewish food that somehow remains kosher. Kastner’s Market next to CBS – also Kosher Torah Treasures – an antique shop with all sorts of Jewish heritage treasures and gimmicks Once you make it pass this small but very wholesome Jewish community you will come to what it’s the heart of Miami Beach. Take Indian Creek down to Collin Avenue to feature the most amazing beach-side hotels and restaurants around. While I could spend an eternity going thru all the amazing hotels in the area there are a few that I MUST spend extra time on.

Must Visit Hotels

Fountain Bleu luxury Hotel is probably the most iconic. It’s a wondrous mix of luxury and art Deco. You will note that Miami Beach Is Art Deco capital of the world. All the buildings are set to this style. Faena Theater - C' est Rouge at the Faena theater is a small French style pub hidden away in the heart of Miami Beach, The hotel is decorated with a Mammoth made entirely of Gold. The show Mimics the Jazz clubs of old with a touch of the beach and French Cabaret. It’s a necktie event so if you do go, you must dress the part.

What to do in Miami Beach besides going to the Beach

Outdoor Theater At Miami Beach Soundscape – Take Washington Avenue Past the outdoor exposition center and seat by the park , you will notice a HUGE museum with glass windows. You will also note people gathering around to do yoga and some folks from the Kaballah Center doing some ritual or other. But at night, the place gets filled with picnic blankets and hipsters. They gather for an outdoor movie event. They plan a black and white movie from the 40s every week. It’s a happening place for Miami Beach Local art community to exchange ideas. Artist Corner – Miami Beach IS the Art Deco capital of the world and anyone who disputes it can come see for themselves. In Washington, Collin and Lincoln road artists, street vendors, performers, flowers sellers, organic market, hippies and tourist gather together for an exchange of ideas and goods. Yes Miami beach does have an official art Deco gallery but for new art and emerging talents THAT is where you need to go. pokemon-goPokemon Go Mob Gathering– Believe it or not this is a thing in Miami Beach. Huge Congregations of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor take over the streets at night on the weekends to catch all the Pokestops and gyms in the area. This would not be a big deal where it not for the cheer number of people who take to the streets to do this. Especially now that generation 2 arrived.  Someone Screams – “Dragonite at the Britto Pokestop” and everyone stampedes the city running for the Britto Museum. The Britto Museum – Miami Beach Goers are CRAZY about Britto, and so are we. Its probably why we sell Britto Luggage here at Luggage Factory. The Britto Museum features his latest pieces and expositions. abmb15_general-impression_2956Art Deco center and Art Basel – Art Basel, the largest congregation of modern artist in the free world happens in two places, Amsterdam and Miami Beach. When it happens in Miami beach the city transforms into a Mecca for artistic freedom. Murals come up, outdoor expositions the works. When Art Basel happens the city changes. Miami Improv – At the Cocconut Grove Staple, there is a very small improv club that fills with local talents like Gabriel Iglesias, Mike Epps , Christ Kattan and Pablo Fancisco among others. For the best Miam beach comedy this is THE place. boat-club Miami Beach Boat Show - Its more the Yacht Show really. Features The top of the line high tech Yachts priced at + $10MILL. At the other side you can see some of the most Great Gatsby like mansions around where the future owners of those Yachts live. Its a show of power and opulence and beauty. Happens once per year around February. Truth be told there is sooo much happening under the surface of Miami Beach that its impossible to cover it all in this travel experts post. These are just examples of the myriad of things you will find in Miami beach if you know where to look.

Restaurants To try out

  • Manolo Restaurant – Argentine Food + Churros = Delicious
  • Sazon Restaurant – Cuban restaurant with Real Bunuelos + strange enough a hangout por Pokemon go fans because of the Pokestop in the backyard.
  • Brazil Sushi – An unlikely matchup of Sushi and Brazilian food. If you like mango with your suchi this is the place to go.
  • La Provence - French bakery excellent for a first date.

When to visit.

  • For Beach time its best to come between March and June – afterwards the heat will be unbearable and full of people.
  • For art Decco and Art Basil – visit around October and December – Miami Beach is always warm all year round.
  • For night clubs and fun – Visit from January – June

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