Malavath Poorna - Age 13- Climb Mount Everest. – Luggage Factory
Malavath Poorna - Age 13- Climb Mount Everest.

Malavath Poorna - Age 13- Climb Mount Everest.

Malavath Poorna: Youngest Female to Climb Mount Everest

At the age of 13, Malavath Poorna and her party climbed Mount Everest. Poorna is a poor Indian girl, from the lowest social class in Indian, The Dalits.

The Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institution Society sponsored her expedition in order to encourage underprivileged students. For the Dalit, Poorna is a symbol of hope. She shows that even poor Dalits can stand at the top of the world.

Poorna told the reporters how she shed tears of joy when she reached the top.

Originally, Poorna wanted to start from the Nepalese side. However, Nepal does not grant climbing licenses to teens under 16.

 In the end, Poorna had to start her 52- day journey from the most difficult Tibetan side of the mountain. Traveling along with her was her 16 year old friend, S. Anand Kumar, 10 Nepalese guides, and climb coordinator Mohammed Ansari.

During her journey, Poorna had to braze against extreme cold temperatures and the lack of oxygen. On top of that, she also saw a few dead bodies that belong to other intrepid adventurers like her.

Poorna and her team reached the top last week. Today, she finally reached the bottom of Mount Everest, thus concluding her perilous journey. 

It was all worth it for Poorna, since her community got the respect and recognition they deserve.

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