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Luggage Scales

One of the biggest obstacles for travelers is making sure their bag is under the weight limit.  The check-in stations of airports are often flooded with passengers swapping personal items between luggage to keep their bags under 50 pounds (or whatever the airline’s weight-limit).  Sure, you may have used the bathroom scale to measure it out before you left, but those scales just aren’t built for luggage. Despite all of the preparation and juggling at the check-in counter, travelers are often still faced with massive over-weight charges. Scenarios like this have unfortunately become common in airports around the world since the recent airline crackdown on weight and size restrictions.  That’s what makes luggage scales one of the vital tools for any traveler planning on checking bags at the airport.  These handy devices are inexpensive and very accurate when it comes to protecting yourself from overweight fees. Typically, the device just wraps around the top handle of your luggage, and measures as you lift the bag by the scale.  They come in both digital and analog, so whatever your preference, you can be protected from the hassle and frustration of overweight bags at the airport.  

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