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Luggage Safety

This is a Comprehensive guide to Luggage Safety. We will cover things like what to do if your luggage is lost or how to file a claim. What to do if you have lost Luggage
  • File a Claim Immediately : Remember to include all contact information with your luggage when you pack. It helps to have a good luggage tag.
  • Keep all receipts: Comes in handy when you need them most
  • Don’t Call the Airline: Nobody is answering phone Calls Usually
  • Use Social Media: Try Tweeting to the airline, they usually answer very quickly.
When Taking Connecting Flights take into considerations the connecting time, the terminal and the size of the airport before deciding if you want to bring a checked bag. Travel Light with a carry on bag instead of checked luggage whenever possible. While There is Little You can do once your Luggage has been checked in, There is plenty you can do beforehand to prevent your bag form getting loss.
  • Prepare for the worst: Lets say your luggage goes missing, what do you do? Without your essentials like clothing and medicine you will resort to panic? Although the chance of your luggage getting lost is slim, you should always assume that such an unfortunate event may happen. When Packing, check your things and decide which item can’t be replace or reimbursed if it goes missing. Always Keep Medications with you in case of emergencies. Most Airlines are absolved from liabilities of lost items like electronics, jewelry and art work. So check with your airline to make sure of their liability. If you are traveling with your family or a partner, and have more than one checked baggage, it is smart to cross pack, which means your belonging must not be carried on one single bag. Place some of your items in your companions’ luggage and put some of your companion’s things on your luggage. This way, if a bag is lost , you will both have needed items anyways. In Addition never check items that are essential to If the weather in your destination is cold, carry on a warm sweater or jacket with you. If you are going to a tropical place, or a beach, carry your bathing suit with you. Your valuable belongings and electronics should be close at hand especially if you are heading to a remote island. So if your luggage does get lost, your backup plan may be as simple as replacing lost items by shopping at a local store.
  • Personalize your Bags and belongings. Luggage tags may be retro, but they do prevent your bag from getting lost. Make sure you have one and the information on it is up to date. Most Travelers Fill in the information after purchase and never think about it again. Also Mark stuff with your name and Address. If you can, label everything you have in your pack. Bag tags are important but they can easily torn off so include as much identification as possible in and on your luggage. Include a tracker or beacon inside the checked bag that you can track with your cellphone. Include a copy of your itinerary in in the checked bag this makes it easier for the airline staff to simply forward your bag to you. Another way to keep sight of your bag is to stylize and customize it. There are tons of bags out there that look exactly alike, people may easily mistake yours for theirs. This is not the case with a Heys or a Ricardo designer bag that comes with very unique designs. If you are planning to purchase luggage, choose one with a bold color or pattern, or any feature that will help you identify it from the rest. Bag mix-up are not uncommon, particularly at airport luggage carousels, so make whatever precautions you can to prevent it.
  • Snap a selfie or two: We don’t mean of yourself, but of your bag. Take a photo of your luggage before surrendering it at the check in counter. A digital copy offers the airport staff and security a good visual to help them find your bag if It goes missing. It is also good fir insurance information in case the bag is damaged. They can also help establish your bag’s replacement value should it get lost.
  • Invest in a luggage Tracking device: With a new generation fo tracking devices for bags, you can locate your luggage in real time. Thanks to adverts in technology companies like Royce Leather produce very powerful luggage tracking systems and yes we do carry them at our store. While this does not completely prevent your bag form being lost, at least the tracking device makes it easier and quicker for you to recover.
  • Check in on time and get to the claim area promptly: Airport security can take most of your time. If you arrive early, you’ll have time to check in, get in line, do whatever pre-flight prep in needed and have no worries about missing your flight. If you’re traveling in the US you can do a pre-TSA checking. We cover the specifics of how to do this on our TSA section. Make it a point to drop your bag at check in no more than two hours before flight. Upon arriving at your destination, proceed to the baggage carousel as promptly as possible. There is always the possibility that your luggage will be mistaken for another' or purposely stolen. So, go to the baggage claim as quickly as possible and watch for your bag to come off conveyor belt to ensure no one else but you claims it. Invest on a good TSA lock system and a bag with security zipper.
  • Stay Alert: Airport personnel make mistake too. Keep your eyes sharp and double check the baggage claim label the clerk slaps on your suitcase to make sure that it is the right tag. Your baggage three-letter airport code should match the one on your ticket and on your luggage.

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