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Long Distance Train Travel

  We live in a beautiful country and one of the best ways to see enjoy the beauty is to see the United States by rail! Long distance train travel can take you all over this great land and provide opportunities to see the beauty of the nation at ground level. Amtrak, the main passenger railroad in the United States can offer you coast to coast trips on one of their many overnight (or multiple overnight) trains, as well as on their local regional rail service. Everyone should take at least one long rail trip in their lifetime to experience the gorgeous scenery from coast to coast. Some examples are the Coast Starlight which runs overnight from Los Angeles to Seattle, the Lake Shore Limited from Boston and New York City to Chicago, the Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle and Portland and the California Zephyr from Emeryville (San Francisco) to Chicago. You can even take the Auto Train from suburban Washington DC to Sanford, FL, conveniently located within a short drive of the Orlando-area’s numerous theme parks. The great thing about the Auto Train is that you have your OWN vehicle with you when you get to your destination. You can travel in either coach, a reasonably priced and comfortable alternative to flying; or for extra comfort, get a sleeper where you’ll have your own private space to relax and sleep. Meals are even included in the fare when you purchase sleeping accommodations on Amtrak. When it comes to packing, remember that space can be at a premium. Most of the long distance, overnight trains offer checked baggage service. Many of the coach and sleeper cars also have luggage storage racks where you can store larger bags. If you’re in a sleeping compartment, pack a change of clothes or 2 into a SMALL bag and don’t forget your toiletries. There is room for a small carry on sized suitcase and a small tote in the roomettes and bedrooms, so you’ll want to be sure to have any necessary items close at hand.

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