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Lisbon, Portugal

One of the oldest cities in Europe, Lisbon has a rich multi-cultural history depicted through its architecture, customs, and people. This historical side is balanced by twenty-first century art and architecture along the Targus River. The city itself borders the Atlantic Ocean and the Targus on the Iberian Peninsula in Portugal. Lisbon has an approximate population of 3 million people in the urban area making it one of the oldest, most populous, and interesting cities to visit in the world. 5 Must-See Attractions
  1. Jeronimo’s Monestary: This monastery is one of the premier attractions because of its historical architecture and beauty. The architecture of this complex is awe-inspiring, and considered one of the world’s most notable sights.
  2. Torre de Bellem: A national monument on the Targus River, the Bellem Tower is a 16th century marvel that still holds its glory today.
  3. The Alfama Neighborhood: A blend of Lisbon’s past and present decorates the Alfama neighborhood with its signature rooftops. A mixture of past cultures still resonates within the architecture of this neighborhood.
  4. Parque das Nacoes: Walk around this modern architectural area with plenty of options for shopping and river watching.
  5. We Hate Tourism Tours: Experience the scope of Lisbon with an interesting take on a traditional tour! See all of Lisbon’s hot spots from those who know them best.
5 Kid Friendly Sites
  1. Maritime Museum: This museum showcases the large role in exploration that Portugal played during the Age of Discovery. Learn about the historical progression of the ships and the motives behind each exploration.
  2. Lisbon Zoo: Experience wildlife within the confines of historic Lisbon at the Lisbon Zoo. Children and parents alike are fascinated by the vast array of wild animals within the zoo.
  3. Oceanario de Lisboa: Boasted as Europe’s second largest aquarium, the aquarium in Lisbon is state of the art with all of the undersea creatures that you might want to see.
  4. Telecabine Lisboa (Lisbon Cable Car): View historic Lisbon from above as you travel along the Targus River via cable car.
  5. Museu da Maioneta (The Marionette Museum): This museum showcases puppets and puppetry from around the world. Learn about the development of puppets and their significance in Lisbon’s history.
5 Free Things To Do
  1. Berardo Musuem: View world-renowned works of art from different periods of history all for no cost.
  2. Rua Augusta: Visit this hub of shopping and outdoor entertainment to admire the architecture and local people of Lisbon.
  3. Targus River Front: Walk along the scenic stretch of riverfront that embodies Lisbon and the heart of Portugal.
  4. Cascais: For a cost free day trip, consider driving or taking the train down to this small beach side town for some sun and sand.
  5. Sintra: Take the train to this small city neighboring Lisbon for a peaceful day of viewing quiet landscapes and beautiful architecture.
5 Great Restaurants
  1. Frade dos Mares: Enjoy this small eatery that features Portuguese cuisine and fantastic seafood.
  2. Casa Pasteis de Belem: This bakery in Lisbon is rumored to have some of the best custard tarts around.
  3. Sr. Fado de Alfama: Enjoy an authentic Portuguese dinner in an intimate setting with the whole family.
  4. Leitaria Camponeza: If you love meat and large portions stop by this restaurant for the best of both and excellent service.
  5. Grapes & Bites: A great selection of wine, a knowledgeable service staff, and good food await you at Grapes & Bites.
5 Nightlife Recommendations
  1. Bairro Alto: This hodgepodge of small bars all in close proximity turns into a party each night.
  2. Cinco Lounge: This upscale bar serves some of the best cocktails in Portugal.
  3. Hot Club de Portugal: Enjoy some smooth jazz, food, and drinks at this club in Lisbon.
  4. Pavilhao Chines: This interesting bar offers a wide scope of drinks along with entertainment and comfortable seating.
  5. Dock’s Club: Enjoy a night of drinking and dancing at this night club in Lisbon.
5 Romantic Getaways
  1. Targus River Cruise: Take a cruise along the river, taking in all of the scenery and romantic architecture that Lisbon has to offer.
  2. St. George’s Castle (Sao Jorge Castle): Explore the great views from the castle walls, especially at night.
  3. Santa Justa Elevator: Not only a great attraction because of the architecture, the Elevator also holds lovely views of all of Lisbon.
  4. Pena Palace: Located in Sintra, a short distance away from Lisbon, Pena Palace boasts Romantic era architecture and makes for a great day trip.
  5. Tram 25: Enjoy a more private ride above Lisbon while still taking in some of the city and surrounding areas’ best sights.
5 Great Hotels 1. Altis Avenida Hotel-Rua 1 Dezembro 120, Lisbon 1200-360, Portugal 2. Hotel Lisboa Plaza- Travessa do Salitre 7 Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon 1269-066, Portugal 3. Corinthia Hotel Lisbon- Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro n. 105, Lisbon 1099-031, Portugal 4. Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument-Rua Jau 54, Lisbon 1300-314, Portugal 5. Dom Pedro Palace-Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, 24, Lisbon 1070-109, Portugal 5 Must Try Foods:
  1. Bacalhau a Bras: A shredded cod fish with onions, eggs, and potatoes combined to melt in your mouth.
  2. Rojoes a Moda do Minho: A dish of pork served with potatoes and chestnuts that is considered a traditional Portuguese dish.
  3. Grilled Sardines: A food that is particularly popular around St. Anthony’s Feast.
  4. Francesinha: A sandwich made with a mix of meats including ham and sausage that is covered with melted cheese, a tomato, and sauce.
  5. Leitao: A suckling pig that is often seasoned with a variety of different spices.
Climate and What To Pack: Summer: Summer temperatures in Lisbon usually fall between 70 and 90 degrees with some fluctuation depending on the day. Typically, there is less precipitation in the summer time, so shorts and t-shirts are recommended for travel to Lisbon in the summer months. Fall: Autumn temperatures fall between 50 and 65 degrees normally as the year winds down. The amount of precipitation during this time usually increases as well. A mix of warm and cool clothes along with a light jacket is recommended for travel this time of year. Winter: In the winter, temperatures drop even lower to between 40 and 50 degrees as the year turns. Precipitation lessens some during this period. Predominantly, warmer clothes are advised for this time of year as the weather is chilly. Spring: As the season turns to spring, the weather begins to warm again between the 50’s and high 60’s. The possibility of rainfall is higher this time of year, so a jacket is recommended. A nice mix of warm and cool clothes would be a good plan for a spring visit to Lisbon. Electrical Converter Information: Lisbon, like the rest of Europe, is best equipped for 220 V. Be sure to bring an adapter for chargers and an electrical converter for some appliances. Transportation: Buses and trams, or cable cars, allow visitors access to most areas of the city without much restriction. Driving is not recommended as the roads can be tight and hectic. Trains are also available for those who want to travel short distances away from Lisbon. Uber and taxis are available to help you travel anywhere in the city. Safety Precautions: It’s important to keep in mind that Lisbon is a big and crowded city. Because of this there are always precautions to take that reduce the risk of loss and theft. Scan all major documents and email them to yourself before leaving, so even if your bag goes missing you still have copies. Be sure to keep a list of your emergency contacts with you at all times and always send your itinerary to a friend. Both men and women should avoid carrying valuables in their pockets, especially in their back pockets. Women should consider wearing an over-the-shoulder purse with a zipper; we carry a great brand of these bags called PacSafe, which greatly helps in reducing the risk of theft. Paperwork Needed for the Trip: To travel outside of the U.S., you will need a valid passport with sufficient blank pages. Before traveling we recommend that you consult your local consulate of the country you are visiting to ensure you obtain the proper paperwork and identification. Air Travel Information: Lisbon is serviced by one major airport: Lisbon International Airport (LIS). This airport has ample public transportation and taxi services to carry you to and from your destination. Nearly all major airlines fly to LIS such as: Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia, United, Delta, American Airlines, and more. Trip Highlights: For a shorter trip or one with time constraints, the Torre de Bellem, the Alfama Neighborhood, and Jeronimo’s Monastery are three can’t miss sights to visit in Lisbon. Best Luggage to Use: Wheeled luggage is the way to go because often in the city you are walking from block to block for a taxi or subway. Also, a small over the shoulder bag or backpack would be useful for daily travels. Must Have Travel Accessories: As with any city, it is best to carry your money and credit cards in your front pocket. To accommodate this, try using a small money clip to keep in your pants pocket. Also, these garment bags maybe useful if you plan to bring a suit or dress for a night on the town check out our garment bags. We also recommend looking at our packing accessories.  

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