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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas

“Sin City,” “The Diamond in the Desert.” Whatever you want to call it, Las Vegas is a place where you can buy, do, eat, or see just about anything the world has to offer, all with world-renowned extravagance and luxury. Here is our guide on many things you need to know about Las Vegas.


Top 5 Must-See Attractions

  1. The Strip: The Strip is generally used to refer to the plethora of hotels, resorts, and casinos near Las Vegas Boulevard. This is where you’ll find the most iconic Vegas landmarks. A trip to Vegas is not complete without exploring the Strip and all it has to offer.
  2. Cirque du Soleil: Sit back and be absolutely awed at some truly amazing performances of the human body. Cirque du Soleil shows are in a sense acrobatic plays, story lines as told by performers rolling in on jumbo sized barrels or careening through the air on a trapeze.
  3. Atomic Testing Museum: Before Las Vegas was glowing with neon signs, it was glowing with the blast from some of the first atomic weapons tests in the world. This museum walks you through the area’s nuclear rich history.
  4. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of The Strip, take a trip outside the city for some fresh air and a look at some of the world’s most unique geological formations.
  5. Pool Parties: Vegas is famous for these crazy parties, for adults only! Enjoy a drink in the pool and even try your hand at gambling in these luxury, party pools.


Top 5 Kid Friendly Sites

  1. Adventuredome: Almost every kid loves roller coasters, and they will surely love them in this massive glass dome filled with rides, amusements, and arcade games.
  2. SkyZone: If you are tired of telling your kids to quit jumping on the bed, take them to SkyZone where they can jump anywhere they please. This attraction contains several rooms of wall-to-wall trampolines.
  3. Venetian Gondola Ride: Take the whole family to Italy without leaving The Strip. The Venetian Resort contains canals throughout the building that mimic the streets of Venice, Italy. Truly a unique experience.
  4. Shark Reef Aquarium: See some of the most magnificent underwater creatures in this half-indoors, half-outdoors aquarium.
  5. Bodies- The Exhibition: Interested in biology? Check out this unique museum sure to trump any science class. Real life bodies and organs are preserved here for guests to learn about.

Top 5 Free Things to Do

  1. Bellagio Fountains: A great free nighttime activity, a stroll to see a fantastic fountain display in the vast pools in front of the Bellagio is worth your time. Viewers will watch streams of water shoot from the air to other pools and basins, all to a choreographed light-display within the pools.
  2. CBS Television Research Center: Are you a television viewer committed to any particular series? Well if you are, then you can get an opportunity to view pilots of new television series and weigh in to help decide whether or not the new shows make it or break it.
  3. Ethel M Chocolate Factory: Sin City also makes delicious candies that are sinfully sweet. These chocolate factory tours provide an inside look at how some of America’s favorite candies are made.
  4. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat: The Flamingo Resort is home to a flock of flamingos as well as to a number of other tropical animals for guests and tourists to check out.
  5. Fremont Street Experience: This giant pedestrian mall is located in downtown Vegas. Spectacular light and sound shows begin every night at 7 for free.

Top 5 Restaurants

  1. Il Mulino: The finest Italian on the Strip, Il Mulino has pasta dishes with a tomato sauce that make you hungry just thinking about them.
  2. Foundation Room: Formerly a lounge for the most exclusive guests, the Foundation Room is located at the top of the Mandalay Resort. Now all visitors to Las Vegas can eat a variety of high-end cuisine and enjoy spectacular views of the Strip.
  3. Strip Steak: Many places boast spectacular dry-aged steaks, but Strip Steak is one of the few places in the world to offer steaks dry-aged for almost 8 months. The result is a steak that will melt in your mouth like butter.
  4. Le Thai: A busy, yet intimate setting in downtown Vegas, Le Thai features amazing traditional Thai noodles and curries.
  5. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon: Simply the best of fine dining is found in this exquisite French restaurant. Although it is a pricier option, your taste buds will be thankful for splurging on a meal.

Top 5 Nightlife Spots

  1. The Strip: The Strip is generally used to categorize the plethora of hotels, resorts, and casinos near Las Vegas Boulevard. This is where you’ll find the most iconic Vegas landmarks. For a crazy, fun filled night head here and pick your party.
  2. Marquee Night Club: The Marquee hosts a myriad of some of the world’s most sought after DJ’s. Dancers can choose to either boogie on the dance floor or hop in one of the club’s pools and splash the night away.
  3. Parasol Up & Down: Actually two bars located in the Wynn Resort. Parasol Up is a bar/lounge shaded beneath a dome roof, whereas Parasol Down allows bar patrons to soak in rays of lights from the Vegas Strip. At either bar, you can drink some of the most unique cocktails from around the world.
  4. Any Show/Performance: Though this may seem vague, any given night in Las Vegas can be filled with shows starring some of your favorite music, television, or movie stars. Ask your hotel concierge to provide you with a list of shows for the night and pick your favorite.
  5. Hyde Bellagio: With amazing views of the famous fountains, this energetic nightclub is known for some of the best parties in Vegas. With VIP services and top DJ’s you’re sure to have a fun night here.

Top 5 Romantic Getaways

  1. “Ultimate Romance” Package: An offering from Mandarin Oriental, this package includes a massage for two, dinner at a selection of restaurants, and finishes with a tour in a bi-plane above the city.
  2. Sugar Factory: Take your sweetheart to get some of the most delicious sweet treats that you will ever have. This desert spot is a perfect place for you and your other to sit and chat over decadent treats.
  3. 30 Minute Wedding: Whether you are actually planning on getting married or just want to renew your vows, the famous Las Vegas 30 minute wedding chapels are interesting venues for you and your partner to renew your wedding vows, often sung to you by an Elvis impersonator!
  4. Eiffel Tower Restaurant: Pretend you’re in Paris for the night and dine in this extravagant replica of the Eiffel Tower. This place is made for romance and the waiters even cater towards proposals.
  5. Venetian Gondola Ride: Be serenaded on a gondola through the streets of Italy without leaving The Strip. The Venetian Resort contains canals throughout the building that mimic the streets of Venice, Italy. Truly a unique experience.


5 Best Hotels

  1. Aria Resort & Casino- 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  2. The Wynn- 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  3. The Venetian- 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  4. Caesar’s Palace- 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  5. Mandarin Oriental- 3752 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

To 5 Must Try Foods:

  1. Riserva Steak: One of the savory steaks available at the Carnevino steak house, this tender steak is rubbed with a blend of herbs that has yet to be recreated anywhere else.
  2. Chilaquiles: Embracing the Hispanic heritage of the region, Chilaquies are little tortillas stuffed with a variety of fillings. A perfect pool side snack.
  3. The Bobbie: Visiting Vegas and craving a taste for Thanksgiving dinner? Well The Bobbie sandwich at Capriotti’s is turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce served on a large, warm dinner roll.
  4. Pizza at the Cosmopolitan: If you’re looking to grab some food and go, stop here for the best but secret New York pizza in Vegas. This place is hidden from the public eye so you’ll have to do some searching.
  5. Buffet Bellagio: With a huge and diverse selection of food at a reasonable price on the Strip, head to Bellagio’s for a dinner that’s sure to satisfy.

Climate and What to Pack:

Summer: The summers can be extremely hot in Las Vegas. The weather is typically dry and temperatures can linger in the hundreds. If you do travel to Vegas during the summer time, be sure to pack lots of shorts and tank tops.

Fall: During the fall, temperatures drop a bit to the 70’s and 80’s, making it a more ideal time to visit the city. Shorts and T-shirts are appropriate for this time of year, and some light evening wear for your night out.

Winter: Winter temperatures can range from the high 50’s to high 60’s. Like the rest of the year, rainfall is typically low. Pants, shirts, and sweatshirts are fine gear for a Las Vegas winter trip.

Spring: During spring, temperatures begin climbing up to the low 70’s so pants, tee shirts, and sweat shirts will suffice.

Electrical Converter Information:

Most electrical outlets in Las Vegas are equipped for standard U.S. plugs, best for 120 volt appliances with 60 Hz.

Cultural Differences:

The first glance at all the action on the Las Vegas Strip can certainly be overwhelming for a first time visitor. Don’t be afraid to check into your hotel room and sit down with a travel book to become familiarized with the city before venturing out. Also, feel free to ask hotel concierge for assistance. Much of the economy of Las Vegas is based upon tourism and customer service, so hotel/resort representatives will be more than willing to help you along your way.


Being that many Las Vegas attractions are centered on the stretch of boulevard referred to as “The Strip,” there is a monorail service that connects to many of the major hotels, resorts and attractions. For sites that are off the Strip, there is an easy-to-use city bus service that connects to points within Las Vegas city limits. Also, contact the resort that you are staying at to see if it provides shuttle services to customers. Of course taxis and car services are readily available as well.

Safety Precautions:

It’s important to keep in mind that Las Vegas is a big and crowded city. Because of this there are always precautions to take that reduce the risk of loss and theft. Scan all major documents and email them to yourself before leaving, so even if your bag goes missing you still have copies. Be sure to keep a list of your emergency contacts with you at all times and always send your itinerary to a friend. Both men and women should avoid carrying valuables in their pockets, especially in their back pockets.

Paperwork Needed for the Trip:

For U.S. residents only the paperwork that is required by the airline is needed to visit Vegas. Vacationers who are driving or taking public transportation should be sure to bring an I.D. to enjoy the nightlife.

U.S. Customs Information:

Travelers who are American citizens do not need any special permission from the U.S. Customs department to bring home items from Las Vegas. If traveling from outside the U.S., contact your country’s custom department for further details.

Air Travel Information:

Las Vegas is serviced by McCarrran International Airport (LAS). Nearly all major airlines fly to these airports such as: JetBlue, United, Delta, Southwest, American Airlines, and more.

Trip Highlights:

Don’t let everything that happened in Vegas stay in Vegas! Tell your friends about the extravagance of all of the hotel/resort attractions. You can get their mouths watering by describing all of the delicious meals you enjoyed while you were there. But with all of the attractions in the city, don’t forget to tell them how much you got to relax by the pools or the Red Rock Canyons.

Best Luggage to Use:

Vegas is a city known for extravagance in just about everything there is, so why not treat yourself to a luxurious bag from Briggs and Riley.Also for the ladies, a small over-the shoulder bag or clutch would be perfect for traveling between restaurants and shows, so a small over the shoulder bag such as these will suffice.

Must Have Travel Accessories:

In Las Vegas, both men and women often spend a good amount of time getting ready for a night on the town. To accommodate your toiletry needs, these toiletry bags are well organized and spill proof to prevent colognes or perfumes from leaking should they break. Also, these garment bags may be useful if you plan to bring a suit or dress for a night on the town.

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