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Kauai, Hawaii

Travel Expert Guide to the Isle of Kauai – Mountains, waterfalls, waves and more. A few facts about Kauai: 5.5 Million Years old Kauai is the oldest of the island Hawaiian Islands. They’re famous in many Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean. No tall Buildings allowed on this Eco-friendly island. Kauai also has the biggest Coffee farm in the united state producing some of the best coffee in the world.


Year-Round Temps average form the Lows 60s to low 80s. Water temperature stays warm all year between 74 to 80 Degrees. North Kauai gets 25 to 70 Inches of rain per year. West Kawaii gets the least rainfall averaging about 25In per year. That being said since Kauai is warm, rain does not mean chilly temperature. You just might welcome the rain shower! Or you can usually escape it by heading 5 miles west or east. Rainy Season are December to March and feature Voluminous waterfalls and great hikes and rainbows. The off season is from April to June and from September to December, the off season is super easy to find open hotels. Activates are cheaper and accommodating. Tourist Season are December to April and June to September and feature NO SNOW and awesome island themed events. If the states are getting too chilly and you’re tired of the whiteout a visit to Kauai might do some good.

Seven places to check out while in Kauai

  • Waime Canyon : Waime features amazing hiking spots, a 3000 Feed Deep Ridge , hiking trails carved by the mighty Waime river over millions of years.
  • Na Pali Coast : Na Pali Coast State park are simply amazing. The Beauty of the Rugged Cliffs, pounding waves and 16 miles of shoreline remind you the power of nature. This park cannot be accessed by vehicles, so be ready to book a boat charter from Kauai outfit. Or you can hike there.
  • Kalalau Lookout : For a view you’ll remember for the rest of your life, hike to Kalalau Lookout. The 11 Mile Kalalau Trail takes you to an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Waterfalls : Kalalu Rain-misted island boast some fo the most amazing waterfalls in the world. Reserve time for helicopter tour of the wall of tears of Mt.Waialeale. There is a secret Kayak trail that leaves to a secret falls ( Wallua Falls and Opaekaa Falls.
  • Beaches : on Kauai , there’s a beach for every predisposition! Snorkel at Technicolor Makua Beach, Have a BBQ at Poipu Beach and more.
  • Waterways : Kauai Features Hawaii’s only navigable Waterway. Take advantage and kaya the tropical Wailau River. Climb into rafts and float down Lihdue Plantation.
  • Gardens : The National Tropical Botanical Garden maintains over 2000 Acres of gardens and natural preserves. Check out McBryde Garden, it is just gorgeous.

5 Island adventures

  • Helicopter Tour: Kauai is at its best when viewed from a helicopter. Check out the amazing waterfalls and green mountains. Rainbow views and amazing foamy beaches make for the best views
  • Wildlife Viewing: Kauai has an amazing myriad of wild life. Depending on when you visit you might see whales, or dolphins and manta rays.
  • Kauai/bike path: Bike Trails parks are all through the island, they feature restaurants next to the trail with some amazing views.
  • Boat Tours: Charter a boat and check out the beach wildlife from a transparent bottom boat or enjoy sailing to the music of Christopher Cross.
  • Kauai Movie Tour: Tons of movies like Jurassic park and Pirates of the Caribbean where filmed on this island so naturally they have a tour of all the movie sights.

Top 5 Places to Eat

  • Hukilau Lanai – Features Ahi Poke Nachos and grilled seafood. All ingredients are farmed locally for a true Kauai Taste.
  • Mermaid Café - In Kappa, Mermaid Café is a casual spot and a local favorite featuring a Pan-Asian Fusion of flavors, salads, wraps and sandwiches.
  • Fish Express - Fresh Sea food takeout with a Kauai taste, all fished locally
  • Red Salt - Within the Koa Kea Resort and Hotel in Poipu on the south shore, this sushi restaurant offers the best the best atmosphere for date night.
  • Tide pools - Another Date night option. Located in Poipu, this locale specializes in stake, seafood and Hawaiian cuisine but it’s the staff and shows that make it a MUST visit spot.

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