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Is there any luggage made in the U.S.A ?

[caption id="attachment_2326" align="aligncenter" width="606"]Luggage,leather,travel In 1930, Philadelphia Leather Goods Co. moved to our current home of Lambertville, NJ. Philadelphia Leather Goods Co. changed its name to Luggagekraft and built a new factory in 1937.[/caption]’s earliest roots can be traced back to 1908 when we first started to manufacture luggage in the U.S.A. At the time our company was named Philadelphia Leather Goods. This company eventually employed 300 people in Philadelphia before it moved to our current home of Lambertville, NJ, and changed its names to York Luggage. From there York Luggage grew to be the 3rd largest manufacturer of luggage in the U.S. . We employed hundreds of Americans making high quality luggage by hand. It wasn’t until the 1980’s when American manufacturing went overseas to Asia, that York Luggage decided to focus on retail and adopted the name Luggage Factory selling all of the leading luggage brands. [caption id="attachment_2327" align="alignleft" width="181" class=" "]Made in America label stamp Made in the USA Luggage[/caption] Today, we receive many phone calls from customers looking for luggage made in the U.S.A. Few remain, but American luggage manufacturers are beginning to make a comeback. Two brands in particular, Revo and inUSA feature sturdy made-in-U.S.A. luggage lines that reflect their country of origin.   [caption id="attachment_4059" align="alignright" width="144"]Revo Luna 26in Expandable Upright Spinner Revo Luna 26in Expandable Upright Spinner[/caption] Revo has been in the luggage business for some time and just as recently as 2014, introduced a new luggage line, the Luna, made entirely in the U.S. The manufacturing actually takes place in Mira Loma, California, and Revo has continually worked to expand employment of local Californians. Revo is a trusted name in the luggage business accruing plaudits over time for reliable products and careful service. The Luna line is 100% polycarbonate, a flexible, yet highly durable material that can take the beating of constant travel and emerge intact and unscathed. The Luna is also an affordable line, which for its quality, is almost unheard of in today’s world. The polycarbonate Revo uses to produce the Luna line is completely made in the USA, making the luggage American-made through and through. Revo plans to expand their American based manufacturing in the coming years, but is already off to a brilliant start. INUSA MANUFACTURING LLC was created with the purpose of bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA. They strongly believe that America has become competitive again and have identified products that traditionally are produced overseas and begun to assemble our own lines here, in our country. This will translate into an improved quality control as well as customer service while offering a greater price/quality ratio.   Rimowa manufacturers all of their luggage and travel goods for North America in a brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Canada. Many customers are incredibly pleased to hear that they can buy luggage that is made in North America. Rimowa’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and design has made it the brand of choice for executives, celebrities, jet setters, and road warriors. The list of leading Hollywood actors who travel with Rimowa luggage grows daily. Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto, Chris Martin, Bar Refaeli, Cara Delevinge, Bradley Cooper, Kate Upton, Will.I.AM, Gwyneth Paltrow, are just a few celebrities who love Rimowa Luggage. Click here to see photos of these stars travelling with their Rimowa Topas and Salsa bags. [caption id="attachment_2328" align="alignright" width="180"]Rimowa Salsa Air Deluxe Rimowa Luggage[/caption] Roncato is another company similar to Rimowa, who is focused on quality and craftsmanship. Roncato is still family owned and manufactures its entire luggage collection at their private factory in Italy. Roncato’s Venice SL Deluxe is a brand new line offering some of the lightest and strongest luggage in the world. If you’re looking for stylish, lightweight luggage, that is durable and will stand the test of travel and time while still being affordable this is the line for you. Customers looking for the ultimate in both strength and weight should consider Roncato’s Uno ZSL . This hardside 4-wheel luggage is made from 100% Premium European Polycarbonate. This is the luggage for the travelers looking for the best of the best. is proud to offer an amazing selection of luggage, travel goods, backpacks, accessories and more from all around the world, particularly in the U.S. After 100 years in the industry we are proud to stand behind all the leading brands we sell such as, Revo, Samsonite, Delsey, Travelpro, Roncato, Rimowa, Tumi, Briggs and Riley, Hartmann, Eagle Creek, Victorinox ,Athalon, Burton, Kenneth Cole, and many more. We Currently have Luggage Made in the USA from various vendors Like REVO and inUSA

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