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Impact Travel – make a difference on vacation!

Planning a vacation can be a difficult task! You have a lot of options and many people to please. Family time may be in short supply during the year so perhaps you’re looking for a new type of vacation that differs from the usual amusement park or trip to the beach. Consider something where you can make a difference in people’s lives! Try something new that will allow your family and friends to make an impact! Consider a cruise with Fathom, on their small ship, Adonia and travel with a purpose! Fathom is a new cruise line whose parent company is the largest cruise ship operator in the world. When you sail to the Dominican Republic on Adonia, you can participate in impact travel activities with your fellow passengers and be working directly with people from another culture! Those who have sailed with Fathom and who have taken part in their impact travel activities return feeling like they’ve really made a difference in the lives of others. Instead of the usual cruise ship excursions, you can choose from activities including education (teaching English for example); environmental projects such as water purification; economic development or even assisting in construction of homes. You’ll anchor at Fathom’s private port, Amber Cove where you can spend your downtime relaxing and enjoying the port’s many activities including swimming, shopping and adventure activities such as zip lines. Alternately, you can sail Adonia to Cuba and dock in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba. You’ll have time for tours of the historical attractions, visit museums, sample authentic Cuban food and attend a cabaret. You will visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and learn about Cuban coffee and rum and see the famous American cars. There will be ample time to enjoy the ship and to get to know your fellow travelers. Adonia carries just over 700 passengers and offers a pools, lounges, a gym and plenty of other activities for your enjoyment. Fathom’s impact travel offers the perfect chance for you to make a difference, try something new and rewarding and spend time getting to know your fellow citizens of planet Earth. For more information, visit . And remember, the Travel Experts at can help you choose the best luggage and travel accessories for your vacation!

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