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How Tourists Can Avoid Culture Shock around the World

Culture shock is best avoided by being informed of some interesting facts about certain countries. Just knowing about those quarks is interesting enough. For tourists visiting Russia, it is important to know about the issue with flowers. If a Russian gives you a yellow rose, take it as a sign of an insult. Yellow roses are associated with deceit and relationship breakup. Having the honeymoon suite decorated with yellow flower is more of a disguised insult than anything else. As for red carnations, they are usually used to decorate graveyards. If you are traveling in Egypt and are staying in a friend’s place, never add salt to the meal. Adding salt to your friend’s food is an insult to the meal. It is a visual way of showing that you find the taste repulsive. Though, if you want to discretely show your dislike for the meal you know how to do so. In Hungary, it is rude to click your glasses after a toast. In Norway, table matters are important. As such, you must eat your sandwich with a fork and knife. It is silly just to watch. If you are visiting Australia, ask permission before taking a photo of the Aboriginals. Some tribes think that the camera takes their soul away. Always remember to ask before shooting to avoid having your cameral broken by angry Aboriginals. Also, if you hail a cab you are expected to sit in the front, if you are alone. Sitting in the back, will make you seem like you are stuck up. Tourist rockers visiting Colombia should be mindful of throwing the horns sign. This gesture for Colombians is a sign that suggest that their spouse is being unfaithful. It is a quick and easy way of making the locals hostile. As for the French people, it is considered rude to blow your nose in public. This is certainly true in many countries, and regions of the world. Tourists who visit Saudi Arabia must remember that it is a dry country. Being in possession of alcohol has serious consequences. It is only allowed for antiseptic usages. If you are going on a business trip in Turkey, you will be happy to know that it is customary for the host to pay for your food. It the host tells you to pay for your fair share, this is a sign of the host’s disrespect for you and the company you represent. For tourists visiting Japan, never play with the chop sticks. It is also rude to point and stab the food with the chopsticks. Japan also likes for people to slurp up their foods. They think it is a good way for people to enjoy hot foods more quickly. In South Korea, writing a person’s name with a red pen means that the person is dead. While in the Netherlands, birthday celebrations focus on congratulating the entire family, not an individual person. If you happen to be in a home, during one of those events you can expect a nice brew of tea and cake. In Finland, the saunas are the favorite hangout spots for families. You can find the locals more sociable in saunas. For tourists visiting Poland, it is customary applaud the pilot when the plane lands. Tourists visiting Hindu Temples in India will not be allowed in, if they do not cover up arms and legs. Their shoes must also be removed. Getting dirty feet is not an issue since the Brahmins always keep the floor clean. In Indonesia, pointing with your index finger is considered rude. Instead, point with your thumb. Italians also grimace whenever tourists ask for cheese to go with their seafood. In most Islamic nations it is expected that you eat and greet people with your right hand. The left is considered an unclean hand, and used as such. In Kazakhstan, if a person gets a full cup of tea it’s a sign that the host wants the person to leave. People in Greece spit all the time, so tourists must keep an eye out for that. The Greeks use it to chase away the devil and bad luck. In Cambodia, it is considered bad luck to take a photo with an odd number of people. The person in the middle is usually the one who gets the accrued bad luck of all the people in the photo. For tourists visiting the Congo, it is considered good to call people fat. Being overweight is considered healthy in that region. In China and certain places of the Caribbean, it is considered bad luck for tourists to open an umbrella indoors. Tourists who do so will get a plenty of grimaces and even yelling from the locals. Tourists visiting Brazil should not wear purple lipstick. Brazil also uses the kissing greeting. Kissing your host in the cheek with purple lipstick is no different than giving them the kiss of death. Purple accessories are allowed though. In Jamaica, only the government is allowed to wear camouflaged clothing. Tourists, who are into the military fashion, should keep this in mind. Keep these important things in mind, to avoid culture shock.

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