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How to Travel the World for Free

How to Travel the World for Free

Want to see the world on a dime without having to spend on travel tickets, food or lodging? Well here are a few tips on how you can explore for free. 
  • Volunteering – Volunteering can be a great way to see the just about anywhere on the globe free while doing your part to give back to the world.
    • You can go Woofing – Get Free Lodging, and food in exchange for working on a farm. You don’t need to stay there for a long time, just enough to get some work done. Farmers are always looking for an extra set of hands.
    • Help the UN – UN volunteers are assigned all over the world and they get free food, free lodging and free travel tickets, plus you get to help in countries you’ve only seen on a map. *It helps to know multiple languages as well.
    • Join the Peace Corps – 2-year travel opportunities to Asia, South America and more. You’d also be enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.
    • Join VIP – Volunteers for Prosperity need people with professional skills to help in developing countries all around the globe.
  • Who needs a hotel?
    • House Sit – Feed the cat, water the plants and stay in the house for free.
    • Couch Surf – Find a couch, sleep on it for free, visit for details
    • House swap – Swap your house with someone else’s for a period of time.
    • Freeload – Find a friend and crash with them and be a burden on them and their family for a while, then repay the favor.
  • Leave your comfort Zone.
    • Organize a Group Tour – Good at Planning? Why not try your hand at organizing a travel group? You collect a little bit extra from each participant to pay your service then buy your tickets as the guide.  You pay nothing out of pocket and get to have a good time.
    • Join The Not So Deadliest Catch – From handyman to entertainer, there are lots of opportunities to see the world while helping on a yacht or cruise.
    • Take the challenge – Feeling Brave? Then an adventure charity challenge could be for you. You find the sponsor, You do the adventure, they pay for it all.
  • Do short term gigs
    • There are a lot of opportunities for short term working abroad – From moonlighting as an English tutor, to part-time work as a stage hand at a winery in France and everything in between. Short term pick up jobs are an easy way to quickly finance daily activities.
  • How to Fly for free
    • Collect Air Miles – Use your mile’s card often and then travel for free. It’s very important to check different card benefits as some offer double miles reward points.
    • Flights as a gift – Ask family and friends to join together to pay for your flight for your birthday.
    • Get Bumped! Airlines generally over-book flights as a precaution to always maximize their company profits by always flying a full flight.  If someone doesn’t show up for their flight… an empty seat is a less profitable seat.  They always know someone won’t show up.  When traffic was easy that day and everyone does make the flight however, the bumping begins.  Volunteer to be bumped.  You will get your flight money reimbursed, offered a flight voucher sometimes worth up to $1,000, a free hotel stay, or a bump up to first class on the next flight out.
    • Work for an Airline – take a job with an airline. Airline flight crews not only fly all around the world, but they do get their time in between flights to explore.  The best part of working for an airline?  You get to fly for free.
  • Just win it!!! – Sweepstakes! Giveaways! Contests! We’ve all seen them.  Yes, most of these are legit.  Some you may have to site through a time share meeting or two, or order some magazines for the next 30 years of your life, but others there are absolutely no catch other than getting lucky. Feeling lucky? Give it a go!
So where will you go? Wherever you decided to go, The Travel Experts at can help you choose the luggage that best fits your adventure.  Happy travels and don’t forget has regular luggage raffle giveaways so you might be able to acquire your luggage for free as well.

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