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How to Balance Your Travel Budget

When one travels, it is important to budge accordingly. One need not go bankrupt, as a result of taking a dream vacation. Here are some important things to keep in mind, the next time you decide to go on vacation. A trip must be planned at least 6 months in advance. Impulsive vacation trips to other countries rarely end well. There is no such thing as over planning a vacation. This will help travelers take advantage of promo offers Try signing up to newsletters or check out the Twitter feed of airliner. Traveling midweek is cheaper than traveling on the weekends. Airfares are based on supply and demand. Since most people prefer to travel on the weekend, the airliners cash in by raising the price on everything those days. Direct flights are also cheaper. These flights make at least on stop. If one is on a road trip, do try to avoid over packing. A good trip does not need to involve all activities. Sometimes, it is just as relaxing to take one’s motorbike and go explore the landscape that America has to offer. The US is truly a beautiful country, with plenty of variety: From beaches, to deserts, to mountains. Biking is another nice, cheap way of getting about. One can visit historic sights and churches as well. Bikes can also be cheaply rented in other countries. At times, they are more available than cars. If you feel adventurous, try riding a horse or a camel. Choosing alternative modes of transportation has its own unique enjoyment. There are unlimited, unique options, for the tourist that is willing to try something new. Another cost saving option involves choosing when to travel. You can save on accommodations by traveling at night. Night trains get you quickly, where you have to go. Also trains offer cabins with bed, at cheap prices. Most tourists cringe at the idea of sleeping in a train. However, it certainly is cheaper and safer than sleeping in a cheap hotel. Another good option is to try staying at a youth hostel or a family-run home stay. Hotels tend to be too expensive anyway, even the ones that do not have a pool. This is the ideal option for travelers that prefer to do sightseeing. You can also buy a timeshare in your favorite tourist destination. Tourists traveling in a large group can also temporarily rent an apartment room or a condo. These tend to be cheaper than hotels, while still containing equitable amenities. If these places have a kitchen, you can avoid eating out all the time. Bookkeeping is also important. If you regularly do not keep track of daily expenses, it might be wise to do so while in vacation. If a traveler family is not careful they can easily end up wasting 2000 dollars in one day. Even when vacationing in Mexico, all those small numbers add up. So write up all expenses, even the expenses that seem insignificant. It is important to know where most of your money is going. Also, try to avoid the temptation of buying every little thing that captures your eyes. If you must take a souvenir make certain it is something amassing, not just random items that will cloth up your garage. The food budget is also important. If you want to eat outside, try eating some local foods. Ask the locals to have them orient you to a decent restaurant. They will know of a place that is both authentic and cheap, and probably run by a close relative. Also, use visual cues. Places that look pack are probably cheap. Keep an open mind and try local delicacies. It will further enrich your travel experience. When on the go, avoid relying on cabs. Through proper research, your family can find cheaper alternatives like trains or buses. Countries like the UK and other places in Europe have UBER as well. In major cities, one can arrange for multi-trip discounts. Certain metros and railways have unlimited travel passes for a specific amount of time. They can serve as a good cost cutting measure. If you travel destination is not too far, one can always walk or ride a bike. When visiting the markets in other countries, certain places have a haggle culture. You should not shy away from haggling with street vendors. It might be a fun exercise to try. Learning how to haggle is a skill worth mastering. It can be useful both during your vacation, and in other aspect of one’s life. Small hotel chains may sometimes be willing to give you a free upgrade, to retain you as a costumer. Always demand a free breakfast when staying at hostels or in home stays. These are just some cost cutting measures to keep in mind while going on vacation. If travelers are smart about it, they can easily afford to take more than one vacation a year.  

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