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How not to look like a tourist.

You’re packing for vacation to the Caribbean. Can you bring your camouflage clothing? Are short skirts and tank tops appropriate in Dubai? How about a backpack for touring during the day, or even a camera? No matter where you’re headed, you’ll want to take some time and research appropriate attire and accessories for your trip. You don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you are a tourist and you certainly do not want to unintentionally offend anyone. Islands like Barbados, St Vincent, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Trinidad and other places forbid the wearing of camouflage clothing. In these places, police and the military wear camo, and it’s illegal for anyone else to wear this type of clothing. Long sleeves, slacks, dresses or skirts are appropriate in Middle Eastern countries. If you’ll be visiting any religious sites, women will need to cover their heads. In many cases, you’ll be able to borrow appropriate attire or head coverings prior to entering the facility. And be advised that in most Middle Eastern countries, public kissing and overt displays of affection are frowned upon. While traveling in Europe, know that baggy clothing, items with team or designer logos, gym clothes and sneakers are a fashion faux pas and will definitely let everyone know that you’re a visitor! Instead, choose well-fitting slacks and tops in neutral colors, and nice casual or dress shoes. Backpacks are an easy target and really scream “TOURIST.” Instead of a backpack, consider a smaller, cross-body bag that will always be in sight. Backpacks are an invitation to pickpockets, since they are worn behind you. However, consider something from PacSafe as these items have anti-theft features and are more secure than regular backpacks. If you love to take photos, consider leaving your fancy DSLR camera at home, in favor of a good, compact point and shoot camera. Once you’ve taken your images, put your camera away. However, if you must use your fancy camera, don’t hang it around your neck-again, you’ll look too much like a tourist. Carry it to the side or better yet, put it in a bag when you are finished. Leave your flashy jewelry at home. Keep your jewelry to a minimum to make yourself less of a target. No need to travel with the Crown Jewels-you can see them for real in London! Stick with the basics, wedding ring, watch, earrings. Everything else stays safely locked away in your own safe deposit box in your local bank. These are simply some basic guidelines to keep in mind when you’re headed abroad. Of course, be sure to check with your travel agent, tour company and the internet for more detailed information before you start to pack for your trip. With a few minutes of research, you will know that you have the proper and respectful attire for your travels!  

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