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Hidden Wallets

Nothing is more important than safety when traveling domestically or abroad.  Wallets, passports, credit cards, and identification are items you can’t afford to lose.  Carrying a wallet in your back pocket or in a swinging purse around your shoulder can be easily accessible to a skilled thief.  However, taking extra precautionary measures can help you avoid the dangers of travel theft. Hidden wallets, waist, and neck stashes are a great way to reduce the risk of becoming a target for theft.  These wallets are extra thin and can be worn under clothes in order to keep your credit cards, passports, and other essentials safe.  Most are now equipped with RFID, a lining system that interrupts frequency, in order to block thieves from stealing sensitive data from your credit card.  When packed appropriately, no one will be able to notice and all of your valuables will be kept safe for the duration of your trip.  Below is our selection of the best safety accessories: Click here to shop for neck and waist stashes

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