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Here comes Hurricane Season

Hurricane season will be with us before you know it and it’s time to think about trip insurance and traveling during this time period.   The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, and during this part of the year – yes, a full six months – there’s always a chance that Mother Nature will throw a wrench into your vacation plans.  Advance preparation is key and the Travel Experts at Luggage Factory are full of advice and ideas on how to be ready if your travel plans look like they’re going to get washed up. Trip insurance is always something to think about having, especially during hurricane season.  I never leave home on a long vacation without covering my trip.  There are too many outside factors that can ruin a trip:  suppose your airline or cruise line cancels?  Perhaps your destination is under a hurricane warning?  Maybe your accommodations are under an evacuation order, or they get damaged?  What happens if your own home suffers storm damage and you can’t travel as originally scheduled?  Or, suppose you have to leave your trip early because your town is under a hurricane watch or warning That is quite a lot to think about, but when you’re traveling to, or living in, places that could be affected by a hurricane, you must take this into consideration.  Buying trip insurance MUST be done BEFORE storms are named in order for the coverage to apply.  Thus, we suggest buying your trip insurance when you book the trip. Of course, there are many other reasons to purchase trip insurance but we are focusing on Hurricane season in this particular blog post.  There are dozens of polices to choose from and we often suggest checking sites like and as they both offer a wide array of polices from which to choose, and both of those sites offer customer service numbers as well as live chats where you can get further assistance in selecting the proper policy for your trip. Trip insurance will not generally provide coverage if you cancel because you THINK that a storm MIGHT impact your trip.  (You can buy CANCEL FOR ANY REASON insurance, which means just that; however, such coverage is substantially more expensive than other trip insurance. Again, you can learn more about this from some of the sites mentioned above. ) What CAN be covered by insurance?  Some reimbursable expenses can include nonrefundable payments made to hotels if the property is closed or uninhabitable; costs to change your airline ticket; additional nights in hotels, food and other incidentals if your home airport is closed and you cannot fly out-until it becomes possible to travel again.  The trip interruption coverage can help you get home if a storm changes course and heads to your destination or if your home becomes uninhabitable due to a storm. While having to consider the “what ifs” when you’re planning a vacation is not something anyone wants to do, the reality is, you’ve made a big investment in your family’s vacation.  Protecting that investment is always a good choice, especially during hurricane season.  Be sure to research various policies carefully and choose the one that best suits your needs!  Have a great summer!

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