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Hartmann Luggage

Hartmann luggage was established in 1877, making it one of the oldest luggage companies in the U.S. Hartmann luggage was made in the U.S.A for over 100 years. Hartmann luggage has always been known for incredible quality and workmanship. Hartmann luggage is recognized for its unique and distinctive styling. Hartmann luggage Tweed stands out from the competition. Luggage Factory has sold Hartmann luggage for over 30 years. In addition, LuggageFactory.com has become the best place to buy Hartmann luggage online. LuggageFactory.com is able to ship you Hartmann luggage directly to your door! Hartmann_Banner LuggageFactory.com offers free shipping and free returns on Hartmann luggage. In addition, LuggageFactory.com charges no sales tax on Hartmann luggage (except in NJ). In 2007, Samsonite luggage acquired Hartmann luggage. Samsonite luggage moved all of Hartmann luggage’s operations overseas. This ended to Hartmann luggage’s long history of luggage made in the U.S.A. Samsonite luggage was able to incorporate their leading, technology, innovation, patented features, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to turn Hartmann luggage into one of the best premium luggage brands. Hartmann luggage soon expanded their product line. Hartmann luggage now offers hard side luggage and new accessories. In addition, Hartmann luggage is now available in new colors as well as their iconic Hartmann tweed. The Hartman luggage Intensity Belting collection is one of Hartman luggage’s premier collections. The entire Hartmann luggage Intensity Belting collection features four spinner wheels. The Hartmann Intensity Belting collection also offers business cases, backpacks and bags for women. This collection is offered in both black and olive. The Hartmann Intensity Belting collection features American vegetable tanned leather trim and leather accents. The handles and grips are also wrapped in American leather. The Hartmann Intensity Belting collection is constructed from tough and water resistant ballistic nylon. Overall, the Harman luggage Intensity Belting collection is incredibly well crafted and beautiful. A traveler cannot go wrong with investing in this great Hartman luggage collection. The Hartmann luggage Wings Belting collection is similar the Hartmann Intensity Belting collection. The Hartman Wings Belting collection features a diamond pattern canvas design on Belting leather. The Hartmann Wings Belting collection offers a lifetime warranty. If the weight of your luggage is your main priority this might not be the best collection for you. The Hartmann Wings Belting Mobile Traveler Expandable Spinner 21 does weigh more than its competition in this price range. To shop the entire Hartman luggage Wings Belting collection click here The Hartmann luggage Tweed Belting collection is most reminiscent of the iconic Hartmann luggage design. The Hartmann Tweed Belting collection is constructed from American made tweed fabric and American vegetable tanned leather. To shop the entire Hartmann Tweed Belting collection click here. The Hartmann Hudson Belting luggage collection is more moderately priced than the Hartman Tweed Belting and Hartmann Wings Belting collections. Hartmann Hudson Belting luggage looks similar to the other Hartmann Belting collections, however, it’s offered in 3 modern colors: red, olive, and black. In addition to luggage, the Hartmann Hudson Belting collection offers, garment bags, vertical messengers, shoppers, cross body, overnight, and several other bags to compliment your Hartmann luggage. A popular bag in this Hartmann luggage collection is the Hartmann Hudson Belting Mobile office spinner. To shop the entire Hartmann Hudson Belting collection click here The Hartmann Herringbone softside luggage collection features beautiful herringbone twill fabric with leather accents. This Hartmann luggage collection is constructed from a lightweight frame and offers 4 spinner wheels. Hartmann Herringbone luggage is available in a Black Jacquard or Terracotta Jacquard colors. In addition to Hartmann luggage this collection also offers a Hartmann Herringbone Duffel which is a must have. The Hartmann Lineaire luggage collection offers a more modern style and design than previously mentioned Hartmann luggage. This is a great Hartmann luggage collection because its both lightweight and affordable. This Hartmann luggage collection is offered in Black, Navy, and Khaki. One of LuggageFactory.com’s recommended Hartmann Lineaire pieces is the Hartmann Linaire Garment Sleeve. This Hartmann Garment Sleeve is sleek, slim, and modern looking. Its very affordable and is a recommended to always have one ready for an unexpected trip. To shop the entire Hartmann Lineaire luggage collection click here In addition, to the above mentioned Hartmann luggage collections, Hartmann offers two hardside luggage collections. The two hardside Hartmann luggage collections are the Hartmann Innovaire and the Hartmann Vigor. The Hartmann Innovaire luggage collection is their premier hard side collection. If weight and durability are your #1 priority than this Hartmann luggage collection is perfect for you. The Hartmann Innovaire Global Carry On Spinner weighs just 4.3 lbs. The Hartmann Innovaire features an external frame which maximizes packing space. The Hartmann Innovaire luggage collection is offered in Ivory, Graphite, and Earth colors. If the Hartmann Innovaire luggage collection is out of your price range, check out the Hartmann Vigor luggage collection. This is Hartmann luggage’s most modern looking collection. It features an industrial design with matte colors. Although, this Hartmann luggage collection is not as light as the Hartmann Innovaire luggage collection it’s still lighter than most of the Hartmann Belting collections. Hartmann Innovaire luggage is made from the best materials. This is a great luggage collection for all travelers looking for quality hard side luggage. LuggageFactory.com has sold thousands of pieces of Hartmann luggage. Due to our long lasting and strong relationship with Hartmann luggage we are able to offer great prices and deals. LuggageFactory.com has some of the best luggage prices online. To shop all of our Hartmann luggage click here.

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