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First Long-Haul Flight

The Travel Expert’s Guide to getting through your first Long-Haul Flight For inexperienced travelers, Long-Haul flights can be a daunting prospect. 19 Hours on a plane with scale in 2 countries is a nightmare even for experienced flyers. However, with smart preparations, the right entertainment and a positive attitude, flying long distances can be an awesome and a memorable experience. Things you will need to survive your Long-Haul - Eye Mask and Noise cancelling headphones – To isolate yourself from the screaming children and coughing guy behind you. Warm Socks and Blankets – They will keep you warm and serve as a pillow for when you want to sleep. Gameboy 3D or other videogame devices - Nothing kills a 19-hour flight better than going for a world record of Super Mario Bros 1, 2, or 3. Finding something to get your mind off the time is the best way to survive the long haul. IPad – Use it to read, play games, watch your own movie etc…  It’s all the entertainment you will ever need. Before you Flight – Avoid Greasy Foods – When you’re stuck in a close-confinement for multiple hours, the last thing you want to deal with is travel sickness, vomiting and gas. Avoid unfamiliar or greasy food before flying – It’s not the time to get adventurous. Eat something healthy, no fast food… trust me… at 40,000 feet in the air you will get motion sick. Eat light and light snacking. Pick your seat in advance – the right seats are the difference between an enjoyable and an awful flight. Book an aisle seat for straightforward access and leg room; book a window seat for pretty views and a wall to rest your pillow. Consider investing in first class for ultimate luxury. Dress for comfort, not the catwalk – While waltzing thru the airport looking awesome might seem appealing, it will only inhibit your comfort on the plane. Loose fitting clothes and un-restrictive shoes will be your best friend after what seems like endless hours, in your seat. Don’t forget warm socks, as flights can often be chilly. Buy Snacks before you fly – Though there are limits on what you can take through security, you can save money and avoid hunger by buying water & snacks before the flight.   Fruits, nuts, crisps, sandwiches all travel well, as do mints and hard sweets. Adjust to local time - It’s worth setting all your time spaces to local time, so that you can stay adjusted while on the way. This helps flight off jet-lag and just allows you to make food and sleeping choices accordingly. During the flight - Stick to water – While it’s easy to get carried away with the drink trolley and free alcohol, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks will dehydrate you, disrupt your sleeping pattern and leave you feeling for worse after the initial buzz has worn off. Stay Active – The last thing you need while flying is a leg cramp from the position and pressing on the leg muscles. Walk around, stretch, move about. If you feel your leg is getting sleepy, that’s your cue to move! Entertain Yourself – Most long-haul flights come with inflight entertainment.   I once had the pleasure to watch Terminator 3 followed by Fast and Furious 7 and Airplane on the same flight because the plane had an AWESOME entertainment system with earphones and individual TVs with a huge selection of movies.   But the return flight had 6 episodes of 24 - IN A ROW - with no headphones. The point is, bring your own fun just to be safe. Freshen up – There is nothing worse than feeling dry-mouthed mid-way through your flight.  Kill two birds with one stone when visiting the bathroom by brushing your teeth and cleaning your face. Just don’t forget your toiletries must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less! Look up our blog about TSA liquids for more info. Get some sleep – As uncomfortable as sleeping is in economy can be, most of us can’t survive an entire long haul flight without snoozing. Slip on your eye mask, flip up you neck pillow and put on some classical music and fall asleep. Or Ozzy Osborne, that also works. Though we are often reminded that life is the journey and not the destination, it’s worth remembering that on a long-haul flight, it’s all about the destination! Do what you can to survive the flight and have fun when you get there.

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