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Fictional Destinations

Authors, Film writers and myths. Many of these places are often grounded in real places. With enough research you can find the source of inspiration and visit them. We at the travel experts decided to do the research for you and here is a list of places from fiction you can actually Visit. We begin with my all-time favorite book and go from there. Don Quixote's Home in La Mancha. While La Mancha is a real place in spain Don Quixote's home is pure fiction. But that did not stop the the folks at La Mancha from creating Don Quixote's Home. If you're ever in Spain sign up for "Route of Don Quixote: Following in the footsteps of the greatest novel of all time" The route covers, Dulcinea Del Toboso's home, Don Quixote's estate, the windmills, The Alcazar of San Juan and many other places mentioned in the book fictional and otherwise. The fun part of this tour is the blend between real and fictional places. It creates the same blend or reality and fiction that Cervantes was making in the story. You can see Don Quixote's chair and the books he read and whatnot. Amity Island – Jaws : Martha’s Vineyard was Steven Spielberg's filming location for the movie Jaws. It was also his favorite vacation spot, interestingly enough. The island is surrounded by shallow water wish made it very easy to film the movie Jaws but very difficult for any real sharks to swim in its water. We have a whole section dedicated to Martha’s Vineyard in our travel expert’s Top travel destinations. Arendelle – Disney’s Froze. Located on Naeroyfjord, Norway. The Kingdom of Arendalle was inspired on Naeroyfjord, a fjord in Aurland Norway. It is also the site of the world UNESCO world Heritage. Arlen – King of the Hills was inspired on Waco, Texas. Arlen is supposed to be somewhere between Huston and Dallas. Basin City – or Sin City is inspired on Los Angeles California – Frank Miller, the creator of Cin City was creating a fictional Los Angeles for his series. Bayside City – Saved by the Bell. This school is located on Pacific Palisade, California. The actual school by the same name exists in that location. Macondo – Gabriel Garcia Marques’ fictional city Macondo is a mix of Colombia and Cuba, both very real and with political strife and unique people. Borduria – Adventures of Tintim is a fictional country in located in Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria. The dramatic and mountainous terrain has been likened to that location. Camelot – the Legend of King Arthur – this serie was filmed in the Mountains of Wicklow in Ireland and has a very neat tour that features King Arthur, the lake form the legend and sights of many of the fictional battles. Capeside – Dawson’s Creek – Cape Cod Massachusetts – Many of the external filming for the show were done in Wilmington, North Carolina. The actual site of Capeside was filmed on Cape Code area of Massachusetts though. Chanton – A time to Kill – Jon Grisham – Tupelo Mississsippi. El Dorado – South America Mythical City – is believed to be located in Guyana South America. The lost city of gold was rich in salt lakes rather than gold wish was valued far more than gold. The area has trails and tourist activities to check out the fable city. Eurasia – is one of the three fictional super states in Orwell’s Novel 1984. It encompasses Rusia, most of Mainland Europe and parts of Asia. Farview – The city of Desperate Housewives was in fact Galesburg, Illinois. The iconic Wisteria Lane setting for Desperate hoes wife is still up for debate but they reference the Mississipi river and Chicago O’hare airport wish suggests that it is located somewhere in the Galesburg area. Gothan City – Batman – Clark Kent is Superman and Gotham City is New York (SPOILER ALERT ) moving on… Greenbow Alabama was the setting of Academy Award winning Forrest Gump. Most of the film was shot in location in South Carolina and Georgia, with downtown Vamville south Carolina. Hill Valley from Back to the Future is a fictional town in Carolina. While the town square and the courthouse might have been studio props, most of the scenes where filmed in Petaluma. Hogwarts Harry Potter – The school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the centerpiece location in HP series. Located somewhere in Scotland, the picturesque Glencore village was used in the backdrop when the HP books where translated into film. Hundred Acre wood – “Winnie the pooh, Winnie the pooh… “ is inspired by the Ashdown Forest in England. The forest was acknoleged by A.A. Miles and E.H. Shepart with a Memorial Plaque. Isla de la Muerta – Haiti is the fable Isla de la Muerta. The climate and geography are a dead giveaway. Jurassic Park was filmed in Kauai Hawaii. We have a whole travel experts section on Kauai. Its an amazing travel destination and you can take a tour of Jurassic Park while you’re there. King’s Landing – Game of Thrones – The City of Mdina in Malta was choosen to represent the bring of life King’s Landing in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones. Krakozhia – The Terminal is the fictional country which Viktor Navoski, was trying to return to in the movie the terminal. The movie makes many references to the republic of Macedonia, Belarus and Russia. Las Venturas- Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas is inspired by Las Vegas Nevada. Las Venturas is one of three cities to feature in the fictional State of San Andreas, They also feature Los Santos ( los Angeles) and San Fierro ( san Francisco) Metropolis – Superman – Also New York. But somehow not Gothan City. Midgar – FF7 - The city of Midgar in the backdrop of FFVII is inspired by fusing the skyline of New York, Detroit and Tokyo. Hopefully a meteor will not destroy all three like in the game… Mos Eisley – Star War – The tunishian Island of Djerba was selected as the backdrop for Mos Eisley , the fictional spaceport on Palnet Tatooine in George Lucas’s Star Wars. Narnia – The Chronicles of Narnia – Oamaru and the surrounding south island of new zeland was the backdrop of much of the movie adaptation of Chronicles of Narnia. Pandora – Avatar- Back to Kauai, The island has featured a huge number of movies, it’s an amazing island, a must visit. Pawnee – Parks and Recreations – Bloomington, Indiana – is the setting for TV sitcom Parks and Recreation, a Fictinal Town located somewhere in South Central Indiana. Pawnee’s cult status has grown with the popularity of the TV show. Quahog – Family Guy – Cranston Rhode Island. Seth MacFarlen Grew up in new England area of the US, so setting the town in Rhode Island Made a lot of sense. He hinted in an interview that Quahog is based on Cranston RI a suburb of Providence. Raccoon City – Biohazard Video Game used Boulder Colorado for the backdrop of Raccoon City the site of the T-virus outbreak. South Park – Fairplay Colorado – Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s foul-mouthed animated sitcom is set in the town of Rocky Mountain, but it has been hinted that it is based on Fairplay Colorado. Springfield - There are quite a few springfields in the US but the Simpsons Movie showed that it was the Springifeld in Illinois in specific. SunnyDale – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Geographical References and clues point to the somewhat isolated location near the ocean and in the Greater Los angeles Area. Twin Peaks – North Bend, Washington. – The town of Twin Peaks is the Setting for David Lynch’s Psychological cult triller. Rural Washington state was the setting for much of the filming, with lynch keen to use eerie locations that also had a sense of family and community. The Island – Loss Is located in Oahu, Hawaii. This Mysetrous island was based of Oahu , Hawaii. West Egg – The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald – Long Island New York. Known for beigna popular vacation site for the wealthy New Yorkers, the characters in the book regularly make the short trip across the river to visit Manhattan.

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