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Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota While remote compared to most travel destinations, Fargo’s charm and charisma pervades through its people, inspiring more and more travelers to visit each year. The downtown area is quaint features a cavalcade of shops and restaurants all with a unique flair, while the surrounding city and university offers all the sights and sounds of any big time travel destination. If you’re feeling a change of pace, join the herd up north and visit Fargo!   5 Must-See Attractions: Fargodome- Sometimes, Fargo can feel like it’s in a dead zone (when it comes to sports), but don’t tell that to the NDSU faithful. The five time college football national champs draw a rowdy crowd under the dome, not to mention the unreal pregame tailgating atmosphere. North Dakota State University- A beautiful campus situated in North Fargo, NDSU grows every year, and there’s always something going on around the university. Veterans Memorial Bridge- Taking citizens from Moorhead, Minnesota to Fargo, North Dakota, the Veterans Memorial Bridge stands out as a piece of remembrance and architecture. The Fargo-Moorhead Symphony- Top quality performances, played by a varied orchestra featuring some of the finest performers in music. Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center- Not your average visitor’s center, the Fargo-Moorhead Visitors Center provides information about upcoming events in the surrounding towns and the wood chipper, made famous in the movie “Fargo.” 5 Great Sites for Kids: Roger Maris Museum- If you’re a fan of baseball, take a visit to the Roger Maris Museum in West Acres Mall. While small, it’s filled with nostalgia and memorabilia of an age long past. Red River Zoo- A small zoo with well-kept enclosures and a variety of exotic animals sure to brighten kid’s imaginations. Fargo Air Museum- Two large hangar bays filled with perfectly restored airplanes from different eras are featured in the Fargo Air Museum. If your kids love planes, then this place is a must visit! Bison Sports Arena- Whether catching a basketball game, wrestling tournament, or a concert, the BSA provides an excellent venue to take in a show with the kids. The recent renovations will have the stadium gleaming with new age design and tradition. Children’s Museum-Yunker Farm- An interactive crossover between a farm and museum, where kids can play games, do arts and crafts, and learn with their hands, the Children’s Museum is a great place for young kids to enjoy the Fargo flair. 5 Free Attractions: Fargo Marathon- Whether you are running or just cheering on the sidelines, the Fargo marathon is a test of will and a spectacle for locals and visitors alike. West Acres Shopping Center- One of the homiest malls you will ever visit, the West Acres Mall provides all the stores and name brands you could want, while intoxicating you with aromas of cinnamon rolls and other delights emanating from the food court. Scheels- A sports mega-store featuring apparel of every sport, hunting, boating, and fishing equipment, along with an indoor Ferris wheel! Scheels might be the best place in Fargo to window shop, and it’s just a short distance from the mall! Help Sand-Bag- If you’re in the mood for volunteering and visiting in the winter, then chances are you’ll have the opportunity to sandbag. It may sound dull, but if you go with a group it’s a lot of fun! The process is streamlined with fillers, tie-ers, and pilers, enabling you to switch roles as you go. The flooding can reach dangerous levels in the springtime, and sandbagging is the perfect way to help out while having fun! Hjemkomst Center- While not free, the Hjemkomst Center sits in Moorhead on the border between the two cities. The museum features Viking lore, Norwegian traditions, and a full size replica of a Viking ship and one family’s accompanying story. 5 Great Restaurants: Sandy’s Donuts- They really are the best donuts on the planet. Sandy’s has just about every donut imaginable, including cinnamon rolls and peanut butter rolls, along with glazed, cake, and filled donuts of all different flavors. The best donuts list starts and ends with Sandy’s, make sure you stop by while you’re in Fargo! Sickie’s Garage- While Sandy’s sports unmatched variety in the donut field, Sickies offers every burger under the sun. The straight up cheeseburger is great, but why settle for boring when you can try a “Twin Can Burger” (Cheeseburger with grilled cheese buns), or a burger with peanut butter and jalapeno poppers? Rhombus Guys- If you’re a pizza purist, then Rhombus Guys might not be your flavor, but if you don’t mind being a little adventurous with your pizza, then this is the place. With huge portions and interesting concoctions, you’ll never want to stop eating at Rhombus Guys. Kroll’s Diner- Awesome pancakes and fantastic milkshakes are Kroll’s ultimate draw. They sport a huge menu 24 hours a day, and a number of skillet options and ice cream shake flavors and add-ins include banana, brownies, peanut butter, and more! Duane’s House of Pizza- Whether you’re on the Fargo or Moorhead side of the border, Duane’s House of Pizza is the best spot for a good old fashioned pie. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: Bison Turf- If you’re looking for more of a college bar scene, then the Turf is your place. They have drink specials on Wednesday night, and a raucous atmosphere on game day. Wurst Bier Hall- The name, when pronounced in English, is kind of ironic, but the sausage, pretzels, and varied beer menu are hard to beat. They offer a ton of great options including sweet potato fries and marshmallow dip. The Blarney Stone Pub- The Blarney Stone is an Irish pub with a huge bar, lots of open space, and terrific food including the Blarney Dip sandwich and stellar fish and chips. The OB- For the laidback version of the OB, hang out during lunch and dinner hours for a drink and a cool ambience. If you’re looking for the college dance scene, then hang out late night for a more upbeat nightlife experience. Dempsey’s Public House- Sometimes sporting live music, Dempsey’s has a sterling reputation in Fargo. The bar attracts a range of people and age groups, and while it gets busy, it’s a great place to let loose after a long day. 5 Romantic Getaways: Vinyl Taco- While it’s not necessarily a getaway, Vinyl taco is a fun place to spend a date night! It really is just tacos, enchiladas, and drinks in a cool ambience.Stroll along the Red River While there isn’t necessarily a specific walking path; plenty of spots around the river are accessible for couples looking for a nice afternoon walk. Plains Art Museum- A fine collection perfect for touring through with someone special, Plains Art Museum has a beautiful collection of contemporary art in a serene setting. Nichole’s Fine Pastry- If you’re a couple that likes dessert (and what couple doesn’t!) then Nichole’s Fine Pastry will have something to hit your sweet tooth. The key lime pie and crème brulee are local favorites. Mezzaluna- An elegant dinner date awaits you and yours at Mezzaluna. The drink menu and bartenders are renowned and the chocolate cake is a favorite of frequent patrons. 5 Must-Try Foods: Tater Tot Hot Dish- A casserole consisting of tater tots (Obviously!), cream of mushroom soup, beef, and a mix of vegetables. Angel (From Sandy’s)- The ultimate donut from the ultimate donut shop. A light sugar crème inside an airy powdered sugar donut; the angel is the true must-try. Fried Pickles- Just pickles, battered and deep fried into a chip like form. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Special K Bar- A peanut butter dessert with a little bit of caramel and a smashed special k body. Similar to a rice Krispy treat, just denser (And better!). Burger- An abundance of burger joints exists in Fargo, whether it’s Sickies, J.L. Beers, Smashburger, the HoDo, Kroll’s, or anywhere else, great burgers are available around every corner. Climate: Unsurprisingly, Fargo can be cold. The summer months are actually very pleasant, mid-May through mid-September are accompanied by warm temperatures in the 70’s (Fahrenheit). Once the calendar turns to October, the colder weather begins to approach. Fall is an abbreviated season, with temperatures quickly dropping into the 30’s and 40’s. January and February are the coldest months, with temperatures often falling below zero degrees (Fahrenheit). The winds in Fargo are pretty constant year round. The city exists on an open plain with few trees or other natural obstructions to break the wind. As a result, wind chills can reach dangerous levels in the winter time, sometimes 20 below and more on particularly cold days. Fargo typically experiences some volume of snow in the wintertime Transportation: The easiest, best way to get around Fargo is by car. There are plenty of rental cars available and the streets are easily navigable. The Matbus is also available for transport around Fargo and the immediate Fargo-Moorhead area. It’s easy to ride and offers 25 different routes for your convenience. Safety Precautions: Fargo is essentially a suburban city, and there are few safety concerns as compared to most other cities around the world. Those being said just make sure to keep track of your personal belongings, always retain some form of identification on your person, and do a little research before wandering into unknown areas. Souvenirs: An NDSU tee-shirt or memorandum is a nice souvenir to take back home to your family. Snagging a special K bar for the road will keep the taste of Fargo fresh in your mind for a little longer. Trip Highlights: The trip to the University, particularly the Fargodome and the BSA will leave a lasting impression of the fervor of the NDSU faithful. The restaurant scene is varied and eclectic despite the frostiness of Fargo, providing a little flavor for everyone. Documentation: The only documentation needed for a trip to Fargo is your trip itinerary and personal identification. It is a U.S. city, so no passport or foreign paperwork is necessary for U.S. residents. Hector International Airport: Hector International Airport (FAR) provides service to the immediate Fargo-Moorhead area; however, most flights will need to connect before flying in directly. Delta, American Airlines, Allegiant, and United all provide taxi services to the airport. Transport to and from the airport is available via rental car and taxi.

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