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Expired Passport?

help luggage travelYou’re getting ready to leave for your long planned Mexican vacation and you realize your passport has expired! You’re leaving next week! What to do?? Take a deep breath, gather your identifying documents and get yourself over to travel.state.gov for instructions on how to get a replacement. First, you do NOT need to pay a third party, “passport expediting agency” to do this for you. You CAN make an appointment at one of the 28 US Department of State Regional Passport Agencies around the country. You'll need to pay an additional fee (currently $60) to expedite the passport, in addition to the regular passport cost. Some Passport Agencies require proof of travel in order to issue a passport on the same day. Bring the following items with you when you go for the appointment:
  • Appointment confirmation number
  • Proof of travel
  • Completed forms and photos
  • All required supporting documents
A major Credit Card, Debit/Check card (not ATM cards), Check, Bank Draft, Cash (Exact Change), or Money Order to cover the application and expedited fees. You’ll be called for your appointment, meet with a staff member who will review your forms, ID and other information. Once you’re replacement passport paperwork has been processed, you’ll be instructed as to when you can pick up your passport. Trip saved, now go and relax!! Always store your passport in a safe place and be sure that it’s not expired. Many foreign countries require 6 months of validity on your passport to be admitted into that country. For additional information on emergency passport replacement, visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/services/expedited.html Find General information about Passport Applications in this LF infonograph. Renew Passports

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