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Enhanced screening of electronics coming soon!

Get ready to remove any electronics larger than a cell phone from your carry on.  The TSA will be rolling out expanded screening of electronics in the coming months.  This enhanced screening was tested at 10 airports around the country and will be rolled out to all US airports in the next several months. Those enrolled in TSA PreCheck will not be required to remove such items, unless selected for extra screening.  In addition to laptops, items such as e-readers, tablets, hand held electronic games and even larger digital cameras. You’ll want to be sure that all your larger electronics are easily accessible so that you can place them into bins for screening.  As there will no doubt be some growing pains with this new, enhanced electronic screening requirement, you may want to plan for additional time to get through the security checkpoint.  And if you fly a couple times a year, and don’t already have TSA PreCheck, now might be a good time to investigate signing up.  The $85 fee covers you for 5 years; so if you take 2 trips per year, that works out to only $8.50 per trip!  Time is money and being able to keep your electronics in your carry on, not to mention being able to keep your shoes on, is nice! Keep your eyes open for the new, enhanced electronics screenings, coming soon to an airport near you!

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