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Earning Money While Traveling

Travel is an expensive venture, in it of itself. A good way to extend one’s travels is to have a job of some sort. This is easier said than done. However, there are some jobs that can be done easily in other countries without much hassle. The first one is a given. By having an online job, you can make money as you work from home or on the go. Certain newspapers will even pay travel correspondents to report in foreign countries. The latter is not as frequent as usual, except for war correspondents. The only downside has to do with the computer. You must always go to a place with good internet to maintain the job. Another good option is to work on a cruise ship. You can make money, and at later enjoy the amenities of the ship after your shift ends. The perks vary from cruise ship to cruise ship. There is also the matter of dealing with testy tourists. Certain cruises might also not allow you to mingle with regular passengers. Another good option for making money while you travel is busking. For those not familiar with busking, it is the ancient art of the gypsies who do street performances to maintain their nomad lifestyle. The only downside is that certain countries have it illegal. The best location to try your singing and dancing skill is Barcelona, Spain. For the summer, fruit picking can be a good temporary job to afford last minute travel expenses. Farms always need migrant workers to bring in the harvest. The downside is that working in the field is a hard job. It is a good way to die from a heatstroke, for those not used to hard, manual labor. The best type of farm for this type of work is a Broccoli farm. The pay for migrant tourists tends to be better than in other farms. The best country to try this job for tourists is Tasmania, of all places. A better option is to be a house sitter. Your only discernable skill is to appear like a trustworthy individual. Tourists who engage in housesitting can extend their travel stays, because they do not need to be in a hotel. It is a better alternative than staying in a youth hostel. Another interesting job involves being a scuba diving instructor. Hotels in other countries sometimes hire tourists to perform this job. This is most prominent in hotels that regularly get international tourists. Needless to say, you must know how to do scuba diving. The schedule tends to be pretty flexible and you get paid for the entire day. Tourists can also work as bartenders. This is ideal for tourists who already did that in their native country. Bartending is pretty much the same everywhere you go. You only need to know how to mix drinks, while pretending to listen to your costumers’ complaints. Again, Spain is the best country for this irregular job. Another good job is construction work. Workers always get paid in cash. Practically all countries in the world have this job. It is perfect for tourists who find themselves a bit low on cash. For those who enjoy touring, they can work as tour escort. The downside is that companies will not hire you, if you do not sign up to them for at least a year. The hours are also pretty long, and the pay is awful. At least you get to see pretty sights. Another good option is joining the circus. Tourists can join one pretty easily, and they can always find a circus all over the world. Another job of this kind is assisting in the hostel were you are staying. The Hostel owner might pay you good cash to clean the toilets. The bad thing about this job is obviously the bathroom scene. Another good foreign job for tourists on the go is being an English teacher or a translator. This job requires being fluent in two languages. It is a very high paying job, though some countries are antsy about hiring a shady tourist who is only going to be in the country for at least a week. If you have a nursing degree, you can take a job as a traveling nurse. The best country for this type of job is the US. The bad thing about it is that it won’t feel like a vacation, since you will be working a 10 hour shift. A better option is to become a timeshare salesperson. The countries with the best timeshare jobs are Mexico, Thailand and Greece. This job affords tourists flexible hours, since you will be working by commissions. Tourists in India can earn some quick cash by being a Bollywood extra. The hiring rules in Bollywood are a lot less strict than in the US. If they like you for the scene, you can earn quick cash and then continue on your way. Other good jobs involve working in resorts. In certain cases, resort jobs tend to work so well that tourists tend to take a permanent vacation. If you own a camera, you can take a photography job in amusement park. Less interesting jobs focus on editing English menus and signs. It is good for travelers who have good English grammar. The best country for this tourist job is Thailand. The last job worth mentioning is working as hairdresser. There are plenty of business travelers who need a quick tune up. You can cash in on the rush, by working in barbershops near or inside the tourist area. The best place for this sort of business venture is Croatia. Remember these places and these jobs should you be of a mind to earn quick cash, while you travel.

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