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Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage was founded in 1975 in the mountains of California. Eagle Creek luggage was a pioneer in the adventure travel gear market. Eagle Creek was focused on manufacturing top quality adventure travel goods. Eagle Creek’s earliest products were not luggage but, hiking and travel backpacks. As consumers started to use their Eagle Creek Packs as luggage for traveling, Eagle Creek realized there was a need to expand. Eagle Creek remained focused on making it easier for campers, hikers, and travelers to pack and stay organized. Eagle Creek was the first company to introduce packing cubes, sacks, and pouches. Those were known as their “Pack It” system. These packing accessories quickly transformed Eagle Creek Luggage into one of the leading luggage and travel goods companies. Eagle Creek Luggage Packing Cube Consumers were drawn to Eagle Creek Luggage’s quality, efficiency, and pack ability. Eagle Creek utilized their knowledge from the outdoors to become an innovator in the luggage industry. Today, Eagle Creek Luggage is the leader in packing systems and travel convenience. Eagle Creek Luggage offers backpacks, duffels, luggage, and a wide range of accessories. Eagle Creek Luggage’s accessories are the best in the industry. Eagle Creek Luggage understands the difficulties of travel in the today’s environment. Eagle Creek luggage is dedicated to efficient and easy packing and organization. Eagle Creek luggage’s packing organizers are a must have for any traveler. Eagle Creek offers cubes, folders, compression kits, toiletry kits, shoe solutions, sacs, electronic organization and much more. LuggageFactory.com recommends browsing our Pack It Originals section for Eagle Creek luggage packing essentials. Every traveler should at a minimum own an Eagle Creek luggage pack-it cube set . These are great for many reasons. After selecting your clothes for a trip it’s great to organize them in Eagle Creek packing cubes. Eagle Creek packing accessories will help you fit more into your luggage while becoming more organized for efficient packing. Once you arrive at your destination, Eagle Creek packing accessories makes unpacking much easier. You can now find, access, and unpack your clothing in a much easier and organized manner. While hardsided luggage becomes much more popular, travelers can find packing a challenge. With Eagle Creek luggage packing cubes this “challenge” is eliminated. Eagle Creek luggage offers additional travel accessories focused on security and identification. Eagle Creek offers hidden money belts, waist and neck stashes. These are designed to store your cash in a secret hidden compartment in case of being pickpocket or mugged. These Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pockets are very popular when U.S citizens travel overseas. After buying your Eagle Creek luggage packing and security accessories, LuggageFactory.com recommends purchasing Eagle Creek luggage, No Matter What Flashpoint duffels. This Eagle Creek luggage collection comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large. Each is available in both a wheeled and non-wheeled option. This Eagle Creek luggage duffel collection is unique since each bag folds into a small pouch that is included with the purchase. These are great to always have around your house for unexpected travel. The Eagle Creek No Matter What Flashpoint Rolling Duffel luggage in small is a great back to take on trips with you in its pouch. Simply pack this bag in your luggage to ensure that you can bring home anything you buy while shopping on your vacation. LuggageFactory.com is proud to offer Eagle Creek Rolling luggage. Eagle Creek luggage consists of three collections. Eagle Creek EC Adventure luggage, Eagle Creek Exploration series luggage and Eagle Creek Outdoor gear series. The Eagle Creek EC Adventure luggage collection is inspired by their rich heritage. This luggage collection offers a lifetime warranty and is great for all travelers. The Eagle Creek luggage EC Adventure collection is offered in the color black and olive. One of the bestselling bags in this collection is the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Hybrid 22 inch carry on luggage. This bag is a “hybrid” of both hard and soft side luggage offering the “best of both worlds.” The back of the bag is made from tough and top of line polypropylene, while the front is made from tough ballistic nylon. The Eagle Creek EC Adventure luggage comes in both 2 and 4 wheel spinner options. The two wheel carry ons offer an extra inch of packing space vs the rolling convenience of the 4 wheel spinner luggage. In addition to Eagle Creek luggage this collection offers a great EC Adventure wheeled tote, EC Adventure Expandable Duffel and EC Adventure Weekender bag. The Eagle Creek Exploration Series is a great luggage collection for travelers looking for ultimate durability. This Eagle Creek luggage collection is built for all to handle any adventure. This Eagle Creek collection features weather resistant 3-ply Polycarbonate along with Bi-Tech Armor. For adventure travelers with lots of gear the Eagle Creek Exploration series Orv Trunks is the perfect luggage. These Exploration Series ORV Trunks come in 30inch and 36 inch sizes. A favorite feature among adventure travelers is the separate compartment on the bottom of the bag. This can be perfect for dirty and or wet shoes or gear. While these bags are built to withstand a serious adventure they are also perfect for vacation or business travel. The Eagle Creek Exploration Series Tarmac 22 inch carry on is one of LuggageFactory.com’s best-selling Eagle Creek luggage carry ons. The Eagle Creek outdoor gear collection is another fantastic option for travelers looking for Eagle Creek luggage. This Eagle Creek luggage collection offers both rolling and non-rolling backpacks in many sizes. These backpacks can be used for extreme adventures, school, or family vacations. That’s why LuggageFactory.com customers love Eagle Creek luggage so much. Eagle Creek luggage’s offers unique durability and versatility allowing you to use your Eagle Creek luggage in many scenarios. Eagle Creek Luggage LuggageFactory.com is proud to have a strong relationship with Eagle Creek luggage. For years we have sold and personally traveled with both Eagle Creek luggage and Eagle Creek packing accessories. Due to LuggageFactory.com’s great relationship with Eagle Creek luggage, we are able to offer the best Eagle Creek luggage prices online. To see the all of the products Eagle Creek luggage offers click here

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