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Dublin, Ireland

Does St. Patrick’s Day have you feeling Irish? Then perhaps it’s time to take that long awaited trip to Dublin. With plenty of medieval and more recent history and excellent, eclectic culture, people, and food, Dublin packs a punch as a getaway destination. Plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Croke Park Stadium Tour- With plenty of history, sport, and fandom, Croke Park is a must visit for any first time traveler to Dublin. Chester Beatty Library- Essentially a museum of books, Chester Beatty Library features important original texts from centuries ago. Guinness Storehouse- Tour perhaps the most famous brewery in Ireland, while learning about the beer-making process, and sampling some Guinness along the way. Irish Whiskey Museum- If you enjoyed a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, then you might also enjoy a trip through the whiskey museum, learning and taste-testing as you go. Kilmainham Gaol- Once a prison, Kilmainham Gaol now operates as a museum, highlighting some of the countries revolutionary history in the early 20th century. 5 Great Sites for Kids: Dublin Zoo-The Dublin Zoo sports a wide variety of animals and well-manicured habitats making for excellent views for the kids on a day trip. Dublinia- A large museum detailing the history of the Vikings and Medieval Dublin through informative exhibits and interactive experiences. Imaginosity- For young kids especially, Imaginosity is packed to the brim with interactive activities introducing young children to science in its many forms. Viking Splash Tours- Take a boat tour filled with fun, information, and Viking hats featuring plenty of laughter as you tour the city from the water. Lambert Puppet Theatre- An old fashioned theatre built to evoke a bygone age when street theatre starring puppets was a principle form of entertainment. 5 Free Attractions: St. Stephen’s Green- Beautifully kept flowers, grounds, and arbors adorn this popular city park in Dublin. It’s an excellent spot to spend some free time without charge. Trinity College Grounds- College may be expensive some places, but a walk through these picturesque grounds makes for a nice free day of relaxation. Temple Bar Food Market­- The market is free to meander through, admiring the local food from nearby vendors. While walking through is free, it’s much harder to resist the temptation of spending a buck or two. Dublin Castle- Right in the middle of the city, Dublin Castle, while modernized in comparison to other castles in the region, is filled with history of the city. National Museum of Ireland- A collection dedicated to the history, heritage, and culture of Ireland. Visitors always leave better informed and happy to have seen the pieces and sites. 5 Great Restaurants: Dolce Sicily- If you’re in the mood for Italian dessert, then Dolce is the place to go. The cannolis are heavenly and it’s only a short distance from St. Steven’s Green. Joh Kavanagh (The Gravediggers)-A cool pub atmosphere with a bevy of sandwich, soup, and appetizer options, John Kavanagh is a great place for an afternoon meal. Queen of Tarts- A café packed with lunch options and a menu overflowing with sweets, tarts, cakes, and goodies for any sweet-tooth. Bloom Brasserie- For those looking for a little bit of fine dining, Bloom Brasserie sports a full French menu and spectacular wine bar. The food is presented so well you’ll feel bad eating it! Whitefriar Grill- A mixture of French and Irish dishes all grilled to perfection, Whitefriar also offers a scrumptious dessert menu. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: The Celt Pub- Travelers and locals frequent The Celt for a late night brew and good food after a long day of work or sight-seeing. Krystle Nightclub- An upscale nightclub with a fun atmosphere, Krystle is a nice spot for dancing, relaxing, and drinking to your fancy. The Workman’s Club- A spacious venue for food, dancing, and drinks under mood lighting and a number of different dancefloors. The Hairy Lemon-The Lemon offers all the standard bar food favorites and supplements food with a cozy atmosphere, delicious deserts, and a bevy of drink options. O’Sheas- Stocked with traditional Irish dishes, comfortable ambience, and live music, O’Sheas serves travelers a helping of traditional Irish flavor. 5 Romantic Getaways: Ticknock- A majestic sprawling park perfect for hiking through with someone special. Dublin Bay- A day trip to the beach laden or cliff-lined shores of Dublin Bay makes for a perfect date on the ocean. Clontarf Castle Hotel- How do you top your best date ever? Take your partner to a castle! Not far from downtown Dublin, Clontarf offers top quality amenities in a unique setting. Ha’penny Bridge- As picture-perfect a spot in all of Dublin, Ha’penny’s crossing of the Liffey River affords amblers a unique view in a quiet setting. Iveagh Gardens- A short distance from St. Stephen’s Green, Iveagh Gardens offers a backdrop for couples looking for a piece of tranquility amid Dublin’s activity. 5 Must-Try Foods: Irish Soda Bread- A classic that has spread far beyond Ireland, grabbing a loaf of buttermilk laden Soda Bread in Dublin is an absolute must. Boxty- An original potato pancake, typically served with other breakfast classics like bacon or eggs, although it may also be molded into dumplings. Murphy’s Ice Cream-Murphy’s offers a variety of unique ice cream flavors that make for a crave-worthy dessert. Cabbage and Bacon- A bit of an Irish classic, cabbage and bacon is a relatively simple meal with a surprisingly succulent flavor. Rolling Donut Doughnut- I mean really, what’s better than an early doughnut to boost you through your morning? Climate: Dublin experiences a relatively steady climate year round, with average temperatures hovering between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The averages are highest in August and lowest in January, but the temperature range is abbreviated from season to season more so than other destinations. February through July brings a smaller amount of rainfall, while precipitation is markedly higher from August through January. Transportation: For transit around the city, travelers to Dublin rely on Dublin Bus, a company which serves most destinations throughout the city. Two high-quality tram lines also transport people around the city, although they are somewhat lesser used. The train system, known as the DART, affords travel from major locations in Dublin to the surrounding area. Rental cars and taxis are also available for those who prefer to travel via the road. Safety Precautions: Like any destination, Dublin has some crime, but as compared to most major cities around the globe, Dublin is quite safe. Still, it is important to take steps to ensure your safety before running out on the town. Do a little pre-travel research on areas that are safer for travelers, and those less accessible to tourists. Also make sure that you secure all major documents and identification whenever you move through the city. A slash-proof PacSafe bag is a solid option for individuals to secure valuables while walking around. Souvenirs: The best souvenirs are unique items that you don’t find every day. The area around Temple Bar in Dublin has a lot of handmade tchotchkes and other unique pieces for you and those close to you. Trip Highlights: The lasting memories from a trip to Dublin typically originate from a trip to one of the castles, or people watching at one of the unique food stops or the market. Paperwork: Any U.S. resident choosing to visit Dublin needs to obtain a passport, if they don’t have one already. It’s also important to bring all necessary identification and trip itineraries with you at all times in the case of electronic failure. Air Travel Information: Dublin Airport (DUB) services most travelers flying into and out of the city. Most major airlines fly into Terminal 2 at Dublin airport, including American Airlines, Delta, United, and other carriers. The Dublin Bus transports people to and from the airport along with Taxis, the rail system and other rental car options.

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