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Delsey Luggage

Delsey luggage was founded in Paris, France, in 1946. Since then, Delsey has become one of the leading luggage and travel goods manufacturers in the world. has sold thousands of pieces of Delsey luggage throughout the years. Delsey luggage Delsey has been focused on creating, both the best looking, and longest lasting luggage on the market. Delsey’s Parisian roots influence its bold designs and unique style. Customers are instantly drawn to Delsey luggage, both in our retail store, and on our website. When looking at a beautiful and well-crafted piece of Delsey luggage, customers are often surprised by the fair prices and great value. Delsey has made it a priority to offer different luggage collections for all travelers. Whether you are a frequent business traveler or travel once a year, Delsey has a collection to make your trip perfect. While Delsey continues to be one leading manufacturers in the world, they are also incredibly focused on creating the next generation of luggage. Delsey Luggage collections   As airlines continue to charge higher fees and become stricter regarding baggage restrictions, Delsey continues to help travelers avoid this problem. Delsey offers some of the lightest checked and carry on bags available. Recently, Delsey released their over weight indicator. This is a simple tool built into the frames of their bags that indicate when a bag exceeds the 50 lbs maximum. Travelers simply lift the top handle on their luggage and a red indicator alerts if the bag is overweight. Currently, this feature is offered on the Delsey Helium X’Pert Lite 2.0 collection. For travelers seeking stylish premium hard side luggage, we recommend the Delsey Chatelet and Honore + collections. The Honore + was influenced from Delsey’s Meridian Plus collection. These hard sided 4 wheel spinner suitcases are perfect for the traveler looking for a premium sleek and stylish bag. There are constructed from Bayer 100% Virgin polycarbonate ensuring superior durability and resistance. In addition, the Honore + features aluminum frames with an integrated TSA security lock. Delsey Vintage Luggage The Chatelet collection is even more fashion forward than the Honore + and has quickly becoming a best seller. The Chatelet comes in three elegant colors featuring leather accents and details. The Chatelet’s Stop and Go brake system sets it apart from competition. While 4 wheel spinner luggage is fantastic, it can roll unintentionally on an uneven surface. Luckily, Delsey solved this problem with their turn dial that allows for the traveler to select between “go” and “stop” mode. Delsey also offers hardside luggage that is more bright and fun than their competition. The Belfort Plus collection allows travelers luggage to stand out with three colors, Red, Blue, and Grey. These bright colors can be a great way to help identify your bag in the overhead bin or at the baggage claim. Although, the Belfort plus is cheaper than both Chatelet and Honore + it is still made from strong polypropylene. In this collection, the Belfort plus Carry on Spinner Trolley in red has been our best seller. These are not the only bright colored reasonably priced hard sided Delsey collections. also offers Desley Helium Aero, Helium Colors, Helium sky, and Helium Titanium. These collections are both moderately and similarly priced. We recommend looking at each collection and deciding which style best suits your personal taste. While each of these luggage collections offers a few differences in features, they are still very similar to one another. Our staff pick is the Helium Titanium collection. While these are not as fun and bright looking , they are beautiful and come in three great colors, silver, graphite and titanium. The International Carry On Expandable Spinner Trolley is the most recommended bag in this collection. It features a zipper front opening which is unique for hard sided luggage. This allows for quick and easy convenience while traveling. In addition, this bag offers up to 2 inches of expandability. This collection comes with all the features you would expect from premium luggage, at a very low and affordable price. If you prefer the much more traditional soft sided luggage, Delsey offers quite a few collections that are great for all travelers. While hard sided luggage becomes more popular each year, many travelers still prefer soft side luggage. Delsey Luggage   The Delsey Helium Breeze 4.0 is one of our best-selling collections to date. We currently have this collection on closeout, offering the lowest prices online. This collection features a spinner garment bag that is extremely popular. Don’t let the low prices fool you; this collection is made from top quality ballistic nylon. The Delsey Helium Hyperlite is another great soft sided luggage collection. While these bags aren’t made from top quality ballistic nylon, the Dura Tec Nylon is still a good option for less frequent travelers. The Helium Hyperlite Expandable Carry On offers 4 wheels, expandable pockets, and weighs only 6.5 lbs. For a more frequent traveler, we recommend the Delsey Pilot 3.0 collection. This collection was made for pilots and road warriors. The Pilot 3.0 Carry On Expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley features a front laptop pocket making this a favorite among business travelers. This collection also offers a rolling garment bag and tote bag. offers more Delsey luggage collections than mentioned in this article. Due to Delsey ‘s diverse and high quality product line, you cannot go wrong with any of their luggage or travel bags. This is what makes Delsey one of our favorite brands. Our customers always love their Delsey luggage and give it great reviews. They enjoy our incredibly low prices and seasonal Delsey Sales. We are proud to have a great relationship with Delsey and are able to offer the lowest Delsey luggage prices and best sales online.   To see our entire collection of Delsey Luggage Click here.

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