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Delayed or Cancelled Flights?

Storm approaching? What does that mean for air travel?

After a storm like Winter Storm Stella, 2017, unloads dozens of inches of snow in the north east, chances are all flights to and from the east coast where cancelled.   So, what can you do, who do you complain to and how do you get at least some degree of satisfaction AND compensation after all you’ve been thru?   That’s what The Travel Experts at Luggage Factory are going to discuss in today’s Travel Expert.

What are you entitled to?

If your flight has been delayed, you could be entitled to compensation depending on the length of delay and the distance of your flight. First – Your flight MUST be of the same airline flying from the same airport. Connecting flights are not included in these considerations if they are of different airlines. Second – It MUST be the airline’s fault and therefore within their control.  “Extraordinary circumstances” will not entitle you to a refund.   These include bad weather, strikes, political unrest, security concerns, etc. Third – Your delay must be over three hours long from your scheduled arrival time. If you meet any of those qualifiers in your case, then you might be able to get a partial refund for your flight. Now what to do about cancellations? If your flight was cancelled at least 24 hours before the estimated time for departure, AND it is attributable to the air carrier, the passenger has the right to be notified beforehand of the fact of cancellation and a rebook or reimbursement is given. If the Cancellation is less than 24 Hours before the estimated time for departure, and its attributable to the carrier, you must be notified beforehand of the fact of the cancelation.   You have a right to be reimbursed of the value of the fare, taxes and surcharges, and other optional fees.   You can be endorsed to another air carrier without paying any fare difference and you should be able to rebook the flight without additional charges. If the cancellation was due to other causes, like a force of nature, safety or security reason, you have the right to be reimbursed the full value of the fare. In connecting flights there is a chance of a layover.  If the combination of long flights, crying babies and minimal sleep wasn’t enough, adding an airport layover can spell disaster.   However, once you think of the airport as a playground, it is bound to be more fun. Many airports are set up like shopping malls so why not take this time to purchase those souvenirs you forgot to pick up, or those last minute essentials that you wish you packed but forgot. Why not treat yourself to some delectable cuisine?  Major airports provide amazing restaurants and if you luck out, and happen to be at the Heathrow airport, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver have whipped up something tantalizing and amazingly delicious at Terminal 5 at their restaurant titled Plane Food. If dinning isn’t on the menu, most airports are filled with plenty of bars/pubs where you can enjoy plenty of adult lavations from craft beers to everything on the top shelf.  Airport Lounges are also one of the best places to spot celebrities.  So, keep an eye out for celebrity royalty & don’t forget manners first & then your camera and best selfie poses.  

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