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Comfort and convenience when flying

Whether you’re taking a short flight to Florida, or a long one to Australia, there are a number of ways that you can be more comfortable while you’re in a metal tube at 38,000 feet! Our Travel Experts have some great suggestions to help make your journey more enjoyable! First and foremost, stay hydrated! Before boarding your flight, either purchase some bottled water, or fill up an empty bottle that you’ve carried with you. Many airports including Atlanta, Boston, Denver, San Francisco and Boston have stations where you can refill your bottle. These refilling stations are designed so that the opening of the bottle will not come in contact with the water dispensing spout so you will not have to worry about germs. Pack some snacks so that you can eat on your schedule. There may be at least an hour or so between the time the plane leaves the gate until your flight crew gets around to the in-flight service. Having some snacks, or a sandwich, can ensure that you eat when you’re hungry. If you do bring snacks or a sandwich, use a little common sense and pack things that will stay fresh and not stink! That tuna or salami might taste good, but the entire plane doesn’t really want to smell your food! Be sure to charge your electronics and your back-up power sources as well. If you like to watch TV or movies, or read while flying, make sure you download plenty of material to keep you occupied. While many airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi, not all aircraft are equipped with this feature, and, due to the speed and limited bandwidth, streaming of video is usually difficult. Download your carriers’ app as well. Sometimes you’ll be able to watch live TV while you’re in the air. Don’t forget to bring headphones too. Your airline may provide them for you, but they are not always the best quality so you’ll want to bring some along. If you’re watching a program or playing a game, make sure you use the headphones so that others don’t hear noise if they are trying to sleep. The temperature in the cabin can vary from freezing cold to melting hot. Dress in light-weight layers and bring along a blanket or scarf and a pillow so you can be comfy. You can also use a jacket or sweatshirt as a makeshift blanket or pillow! Many people remove their shoes on long flights. If you do so, wear socks or slippers and never go to the lavatory without putting your shoes back on first. Bring along sanitizing wipes so that you can clean off the tray table, seat belt and armrests. Additionally, carry some hand sanitizer. Airplane lavatories are not the cleanest places in the world so when you return to your seat, use some hand sanitizer to clean up again! Place anything you will want to use while in flight into a smaller bag stuffed into your carry-on. That way, you won’t have to open the overhead bin to remove something. Keep your snacks, chargers, eye shade, headphones, etc. in this little bag and you’ll be all set. Finally, get up and stretch, especially if you are on a very long flight. Deep Vein Thrombosis is very dangerous and one of the best ways to prevent DVT is to move about the cabin every couple hours. Even just a short walk will keep the blood flowing and help keep the blood flowing. This is also another reason to stay hydrated with water. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should also be kept to a minimum as these actually contribute to dehydration. Also, you may want to investigate compression socks which can help force the blood back towards your heart. For additional information about DVT prevention, check with your physician.   A little advance preparation will help you arrive at your destination well rested, feeling great and ready to hit the ground running!  

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