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Cique Du Soleil Opening Theme Park in Mexico

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most recognized Circuses in the world. They have been raising the bar with their artistic performances for the last 32 years. Recently, they had dabbled into the world of popular music and rock and roll. They have also recorded some of their performances and made them into original movie pieces. They have staged over 40 productions in 6 continents. One of their most recent productions was called Toruk – The First Flight. It was based on the movie Avatar. Another noteworthy show was Joya, which was a resident dinner show at the Vidanta Riviera Maya. Now, they felt like opening their own theme park in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Joya was more of a test run for the development of their first theme park. Grupo Vidanta is one of the high end developers of Mexico. Due to the merit of the performance, they decided to fund the creation of this theme park in Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta in Riviera Nayarit. So far, there are only sketch renderings of the vision they wish to bring to life. The project will cost $1.3 billion dollars. The first installments will be completed in 2018 in the form of a waterpark. The other two thirds of the money will be used to design and fund interactive theater productions. These attractions will be more like the City Walk in the Universal Orlando resorts. The attractions are going to be geared toward entertaining grownups. Other sections will showcase Mexican Culture, using the unique Cirque Du Solei decorative style. The entire park will be filled with the surrealist dreamlike aspect of this circus’s performance. For those unfamiliar with this circus, it was founded by a Canadian street performer named Guy Laliberte in 1984. Together with other street performers, Lilibarte came up with the concept of Cirque du Soleil or Circus of the Sun. It started with just 10 circus acts. In 1987, the Cirque went to the Los Angeles Art Festival to strike it in the American market. Three years later, they were already booking shows in Europe and Japan. In 1998, the made the show called O. It was the first water oriented show. The performance was done in the Bellagio of Las Vegas. The show O became the second resident Cirque show in Las Vegas. The same year Walt Disney World Resort got La Nouba as their resident show. By 2004, this circus starts appearing in albums, musicals and TV series. They branch out to China and Japan in 2008. Tourists must remember this and go check out the waterpark in Mexico when it opens in two years. From the artist rendering, it promises to be a unique experience, so unlike regular water parks.

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