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Choosing the best Trusted Traveler Program

For frequent travelers, becoming a member of a Trusted Traveler Program can be extremely helpful and time saving.  Choosing between them can be a bit overwhelming; however, the Department of Homeland Security just made it a little more user friendly. There are 4 options for Trusted Traveler Programs: TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, Nexus and Sentri.  Members of Nexus, Global Entry and Sentri are also eligible to participate in TSA PreCheck so you will not have to apply for that separately.   TSA PreCheck is great if you’re a frequent flyer with minimal international travel.  If you are a globetrotting jetsetter, then Global Entry is probably a great choice.  Those traveling often between the USA and Canada will find that Nexus is beneficial while Sentri is great for travel between the US and Mexico. By visiting this link, you can find your best match by choosing the appropriate answers from the drop down menus.  Yes, the US Government made something easier!  The system will assess your travel needs and suggest the best Trusted Traveler Program for you.  The ability to use expedited customs, immigration and agriculture screening lanes coupled with not having to remove shoes and laptops, etc., when going through security, is well worth the cost of these programs.  Time is money and being able to move quickly though security, customs and immigration is well worth the cost of these programs.    

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