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Choosing a hotel in Barcelona

Now that the cruise has been booked, I’ve started to look at airfare, hotels, ground transportation and the like.  Picking a hotel in Barcelona is a bit overwhelming.  I’m traveling in the summer so rates are higher than they would be at other times of the year.  They’re also in Euros, so I must consider the currency conversion!  Yikes!  My head is spinning already. The usual Marriotts, Hiltons, Sheratons and more all have properties around Barcelona but I decided to consider smaller, unique hotels and European brands.  I my  well-traveled friends for suggestions and they pointed me to some favorites.  A few hotels that were mentioned multiple times were the EuroPark Hotel, Hotel Jazz and Hotel Arts, among others.  All of them looked nice and had decent reviews but the rates were more than I was hoping to pay.  Back to the drawing board. More scouring of the internet yielded additional choices but they appeared to be outside of the main tourist areas.  Sure, the rates were lower, but I’d be spending time taking public transit to get around and while that’s not really an issue, I would rather be closer to various sites and have the ability to pop into a nice café for tapas and wine!  I finally found a chain called H10 hotels.  I stumbled on this brand by looking at one of the big hotel booking sites and the rates looked good.  A couple properties seemed to be in a great location so I did some additional investigation. Generally speaking, I don’t use booking sites.  Sure, sometimes you can save money, but I prefer to book direct via the hotel’s website or directly contacting the property. Since I travel often, I’m a member of numerous hotel loyalty programs and booking direct ensures that I’ll receive my benefits.  Occasionally, contacting the hotel directly can yield a better rate (and hopefully a nicer room!!)  I also don’t put too much weight into reviews.  While they can be helpful, sometimes reviews are posted by a competing property or someone who has an axe to grind.  When I do read them, I ignore ones that are overly positive and overly negative; then I kind of average the ones that remain.  On some review sites, you can see how many reviews a member has written.  If I’m reading reviews by anyone who has written less than say 20 on a review site, I skip over those as well. After reading some reviews, I headed to the H10 hotel website and looked around more.  Two of the properties, the H10 Catalunya Plaza and H10 Universitat had vacancies for my dates and a reasonable rate.  For some reason, the night I was researching hotels, I couldn’t complete the bookings due to technical issues with their website.  I emailed both hotels and got a response back from the Catalunya Plaza!  The reservation agent offered me a slightly lower rate that I’d found originally so I went ahead and reserved! Deluxe Terrace Room, H10 Catalunya Plaza Barcelona – Image Courtesy H10 Hotels I selected a deluxe terrace room, so I’ll have a nice outdoor terrace from which to take in the views.  The hotel is small, around 45 rooms and it’s in a restored building constructed in the 19th Century.  Rooms in Europe tend to be on the small side so rather than book a basic room, I opted for something that should have a little more room to move around!  With modern amenities such as WIFI, a restaurant and a couple lounges, coupled with proximity to public transportation, sites and the cruise pier, I think I made a great choice.  While I didn’t opt for a rate that includes breakfast, I can always purchase that once I get to the hotel.  More likely, I’ll go out, find a nice spot for breakfast and see some sites.  It’s my understanding that a lovely bottle of wine greets each guest, along with some nice chocolates!  Two of my favorite food groups!  This sounds like my kind of place!! Deluxe Terrace Room, H10 Catalunya Plaza Barcelona – Image Courtesy H10 Hotels Once again, I’m stepping out of my hotel comfort zone. The last time I did that, in San Juan, things weren’t quite perfect.    For this trip, though, I wanted to try something different in order to have a more European experience.  The H10 Catalunya Plaza Boutique Hotel seems to be the perfect fit and I can’t wait to get there and start exploring!!     For more information on H10 hotels, visit their website      

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