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China Plans to Build Floating City

China Plans to Build Floating City

China recently unveiled a new project. They want to make a floating city. It will have underwater chambers. It will float near the coast of China. This project was made thanks to CCCC partnering with London architects from AT Design Office.

This London group helped to make a Port city off the coast of Sri Lanka. The CCCC already had floating bridges. These bridges can be suspended over water, without support. It will lay the groundwork for the floating city.

The four square mile city will provide house and work for China. It will help relieve its overcrowded urban centers. The city will also serve as a tourist destination. The Chinese Tourists investors are funding unique attractions. The whole under the sea market is quite profitable.

The city will have many restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and theme parks. They will either be above or below the water. It will also have stadiums for concerts. The basic plans so far make the city look like an underwater version of Macau.

Macau is a very popular tourist’s destination among the Chinese. They plan to make the city self-sufficient. In doing so, they hope the city will not need to be eternally docked near a city.

They will use satellite farms for food and hydrogen power generator. Rainwater will also be channeled to freshwater lakes. A good number of people think the Chinese are way over the heads. In response, the developers mention other floating houses already in existence.

The CCCC Company is the child of China Transport. This is one of the most important companies in China. This means the party is seriously considering this idea. The construction of the city will start in about 5 to 10 years. They still need to work out a few kicks here and there before starting.

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