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Carry-On Essentials for a Long Flight

All that stands between your destination and you is that long flight or car ride. The keys to making the most of the ride are comfort and preparation. It’s not difficult; just a few simple steps will make your experience that much better. Bring a variety of things to do: The best things to bring for a long flight are headphones and a fully charged phone or iPad. Headphones are key to drowning out that screaming baby or just escaping from those uncomfortable airplane seats for an hour or so. If your flight is really long, bring some work to do and books to read to mix things up. Organize your carry on: Keeping a well-organized carry-on bag is essential to avoid frantically digging through your bag to find that pair of headphones or granola bar you want. Get comfortable on the plane: Do this by layering your clothing so you can adjust yourself depending on the temperature. More importantly, bring an eye mask, earplugs, and a neck pillow.These items really make a huge difference in getting some sleep. Check out this neck pillow with a pocket to store your phone or iPod, so you can listen to music while you rest. Pack smart: There’s no worse feeling than stepping off an airplane after a long flight or multiple connections feeling dirty! Make sure you stock up your carry-on with an in-plane toiletry kit. Face wash and a small toothbrush will go a long way. If you’re heading somewhere immediately after your flight, bring along this wrinkle spray, to make your clothing look presentable!

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