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Cancun’s Most Popular Beaches

Cancun’s Most Popular Beaches

Cancun has many public and private beaches. The climate there remains stable all year round. It varies from 81 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit.

 It gets 115 days of rain every year. During the spring and summer time, Cancun gets very windy. This allows s for great surfing waves. The winter months are ideal for sailing.

The sand is both soft and golden in some areas. You can also find a few rocky islets.  These islets are close to coral reefs, which makes them a perfect spot for scuba and snorkeling activities.

One of the most interesting beaches is located in Tulum. To your front you see beautiful, warm blue waters. To your back, you have lovely Mayan ruins.

Between Tulum and Half Moon Bay, you can find the perfect beach for snorkeling and kayaking. This islet is protected from the harsh seas, which gives it eternally calm, clear waters. This beach also has quite the beautiful coral reefs.

A word of warning, this beach has a few barracudas. You should not go snorkeling while wearing shiny jewelry. You may lose your wedding ring and the hand which held the ring.

The sharks there are a private, lazy bunch. They will leave you alone, as long as you don’t annoy them.

The Beaches in the north Side of the Island lie protected from the surf by Isla Mujeres or Island Women. In this region, tourist will find cozy, little clubs.

If you grow tired of wondering around, can sit at the swing of the bar or rent a beach bed. Yachts and boats like to anchor in this shore. Sometimes their drivers and their friends swim to the beach to hang out at the bars.

All who visit this beach must go snorkeling. Playa Norte or North Beach has many incredible coral formations and wild sea life surrounding the island.

If you get bored of hanging around the beach, you can always rent a golf cart and give yourself a tour of the island.  Don’t forget to visit Punta Sur; there you can see a huge cliff home to a large iguana population.

For thrill seekers, Isla Holbox is the place to visit. You can take a ferry which will take you to the island. This island lies free of resorts, hotels, annoying sales persons, ect. It’s truly a little island lost in time. The only residents are a few fishermen, in a tiny village.

During the summer, from May to November whale sharks visit this island in search of a mate. Boat tours, directed by salty fisherman, take tourists to see and swim with the whale sharks.

Whale sharks are shy creatures, by nature. They do not show any hostility toward humans. Since the waters are deep, these sharks spend most of the time underwater. From time to time, one rises to the surface.

Each swim lasts a few minutes. The whale sharks only rise to the surface to eat, tiny fishes. Since their prey moves, they move along as well. They usually just swim past the snorkelers. Their large keen nose helps them tell food from tourists.

Aside from whale sharks, this island has a large variety of birds. Each day, about 100 different species of birds call this island their home. Some birds are endemic; the majority is just passing through.   

The last beach worth visiting is Playa del Carmen. Tourists and locals alike visit this beach often. Surrounding this beach are clubs, and other attractions. You can also find several public courts of beach soccer and volleyball.

Truly, Cancun’s beaches are large, beautiful and quite varied. Any tourist who visits Cancun will never be disappointed.

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