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Busan , South Korea

Travel Expert’s Guide to Busan , South Korea.

There are many things to do in this amazing city, from beaches to mountain, not to mention all the scrumptious eats. It would be a mistake if anyone skipped Busan on their trip to Korea. For this Travel Expert Post we will cover the city of Busan. No matter where you are, Take the subway to Jangsan station ( not to be confused with Yangsan) to start off an awesome day in Busan! Pro Tip download the subway app for Korea-it! Called Subway. Also try using Trip Advisor map. If google maps are not working for you.

Places to check out in Busan

Water Temple - Haedong Yonggungsha is a well known water temple and absolutely beautiful. Sitting right on the coast , it’s an easy cab ride form Jangsan or Haeundae subway station. I prefer going early in the morning on a weekend, when it’s not so crowded. Catching a sunrise here would be amazing. Also, if you’re around for Buddha’s birthday, any temple, but especially this one would be a great place to visit. Songjeong Beach – Take a taxi from Water temple to Songjeong beach. Usually more laid back than others in the area, you will not feel overcrowded here. I love it for sunrise, as it’s so clam in the morning. Lots of surfing but plenty of spots without surfers for swimming. The water is great all summer. Coastal Walk – After some beaching take a walk along the coast. There are 2 lovely routes to get to Dalmaji, but many people walk along the train track. It’s enjoyable to explore a unique walk along the coast , but the rocky path can get annoying. Alternatively , walk along Dalmaji-gil on the sidewalk through the hills for an equally amazing walk. Cheongsappo Fish Tent – Mid-way between Songjeon Beach and Dalmaji along the train tracks is Cheongsapo, an excellent area for lunch or dinner. The freshest seafood and produces are there. You can grab a coffee at one of several adorable themed café. Dalmaji Hill – Is a gorgeous walk all year round. Cherry Blossom season is the best time to visit it.You will find cafes, restaurants, art galleries and the Vesta spa. Its warmer weather, and have beautiful view of the coast. Haeundae Beach – Can be a more hectic area than Songjeong, but Haeundae is still great. When Shongjeong is good for sunrise, Haeundae is lovely at sunset. There are lots of hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants , a market  and casino. Dongbeak park is at the far end of the beach, which is a nice walkway to view Gwangalli Bridge.

Places to eat.

  • Café Creen
  • Songjeong
  • Mad for garlic
  • Cola mercato in dalgaji
  • Namaste indian food
  • Sulbing,cheongsapo rd

Food to try out in Busan

(gye-ran-bbang) – winter snack that is basically a muffin type bread with an egg. They are sweet with a bit of salty kick as well. (gun-bam) – Roasted chestnut are very popular. They take time to make but can be eaten quickly. (o-deng) - Another very popular snack. They are fish cakes cooked in broth and can be eaten very quickly. They are also cheap and easy to find. (ho- ddeok) – a sweet snack that has a few varieties. Some are thick wish sweet honey sauce with nuts, and some are thin with very little oil and sauce. (dak-kko-chi) – this snack features bits of chicken on skewer along with veggies like onions and pepper. (ma-yak-kim-bap) literally means narcotic kimbap because once you eat one you wont be able to stop eating them.

Popular drinks

Soji | Beer | Makgeolli | baekseju | Bokbunja | Dongdongju | Maehwasu | sansachu. Note: expect to play drinking games at local bars and be ready to partake or be labeled an outsider. Here are some of the drinking games you can expect. Basking Robbins 31 – Players take turns saying 1-3 numbers in order. The person who lands on 31 has to drink. 3-6-9 – the object of this game is to count numbers, but con multiple of three, clap instead. For numbers like 33, 36,63, 66 ext. You must clap twice. Whoever messes this game up has to drink. Titanic – Players put a slightly filled soji glass in a glass of bear. They then take turns filling the cup. Whoever makes the cup sink is the looser and must drink. Soji – You need a soji bottle for this game. Take the cup and twist the strip of aluminum till it sticks straight up. Take turns flipping it and whoever flicks it off can make everyone else drinks. Image games – Players call out a certain trail and everyone points to the person they think fits that image. Whoever has the most fingers pointed to them must drink. I love you – everyone sits in a circle and the first person turns to the right or left “I love you” they can accept it and go to the next person or accept it. If either person laughs, then they must drink. If you’re not a big drinker or don’t drink at all, here are some good excuses to use. Just saying “I don’t drink” is usually not good enough and will cause everyone at the bar to get angry. Saying that you cannot drink because you’re pregnant or because of your religion will not excuse you of your drinking duties, claiming pregnant, sick and taking medicine, allergic to alcohol or any combination will sometimes get you excused. Keep in mind this is not limited to just bars, at your hosts family you will also encounter these games and refusing them is a tremendous insult. Best time to travel Best weather from Sept – Nov or April – June. For the Lantern Festival best visit April. Avoid Monsoon Season from July to August. Tipping rules Waitstaff, guide, taxi and bartenders require no tips. It is not part of the culture to tip and some might see it as an offense to offer tip.

Culture Advice

  Always pass objects with both hands.Be prepared to sit on the floor when dining. Offer a slight bow and handshake upon meeting. Korean women may simply nod. Use titles, not first name unless invited. Using first name is not even used among spouse and close relatives and doing so by a stranger or foreigner is consider very rude. Take off your shoes before entering your host’s home. Avoid touching and direct eye contact. Haggling is expected at market and a sign of stupidity if not done.

Basic Korean

  • Hello ( ahn-yugnh ha-sai---oh)
  • Please ( kuh-pe jooo say-yo_
  • Thank you ( kahm-sammeedo)
  • You’re welcome ( ahme -ee ay-oh)
  • Pardon me ( shil-lay ham nee-do)
  • English ( yuhng oh)?
  • Yes ( yeh)
  • No ( anh-ee-oh)

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