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Bug Out Bags

Bug Out Bag, BOB, 72 hour kit, grab bag, go bag, Personal Emergency Relocation Kit (PERK), Get out of Dodge Bag (GOOD), or I’m never coming home bag (INCHbag) all refer to the same product: a bag filled with all the essentials for those looking to prepare for any survival situation. These bags allow you to pack all the required necessities for a 72 hour period in case a disaster strikes. People living in areas where tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are common often pack a bug out bag just in case.  Even those who don’t live in areas with a high occurrence of natural disasters keep grab bags at the ready. These bags can be equipped with water, first aid equipment, freeze dried foods, tools, and anything necessary for survival.  Plenty of websites have recommendations for the contents of your bug out bag, but the right bag is the key to keeping your survival items safe.  

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