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Budget Travel Tips

There are many ways to save money when traveling. Planning ahead is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want to spend less on your vacation. Alternately, if you have the flexibility of traveling on short notice, sometimes you’ll be able to find a last minute deal. In Rome. Taking a picture. This happens. Seriously. I just won the tourist photography lotto. When you’re booking airfare, think about where you live and where you’re going, then consider alternate airports. For example: If you’re cruising out of Miami, sometimes you can find cheaper airfare into Ft Lauderdale (FLL). If you’re in, or flying to, the New York City area, check Newark (EWR), Kennedy (JFK) and even LaGuardia (LGA). In the Washington DC area you also have 2 choices: Dulles (IAD), Reagan National (DCA) or even Baltimore (BWI). While shopping for hotel rooms, sometimes it pays to call a property directly. On occasion, you can get a lower rate by calling and speaking with a manager at the property especially if it’s last minute and later in the day. This strategy may not always work out, but it’s certainly worth a try especially if you can save some money. Call Ahead of Time to find out about prices and availability Think about heading to big cities at off times. For example, Washington DC can be a great value during the summer when Congress is out on break. You can often find deals at hotels that are usually catering to business travelers and they are happy to have leisure guests in house! Dining on the road can get expensive too. Suppose you want to try that new, celebrity chef-owned hot spot. Think about going there at lunch – you’ll get the same great food and experience but you’ll save some cash. If you want to take a cruise, book very early – or very late. Once the date of final payment has passed, generally about 70 days or less BEFORE the date of sailing, cruise lines want to fill unsold cabins. Shop around, often you can score a deal, and maybe even some on board credit to spend on the ship, and you can wind up with a great balcony for less money than you’d think! Be diligent, and browse the cruise lines’ websites for deals! For rental cars, booking early is the best way to save. Search the internet for discounts as well. Many of the larger companies offer discount codes on their own website. If you are a member of AAA you can generally get a lower rate or maybe even an upgrade. Car rental rates can fluctuate often, so you may want to get into the practice of making a reservation, and then checking back several times before you pick up your vehicle. You may wind up saving money. Renting at an airport often has a surcharge added to the rate. If you’ll be in a hotel in a city, check to see if any of the rental agencies offer downtown locations. Often you can avoid the airport surcharges by getting your car in town or even at your hotel.
There are many ways to save money on traveling. Above are just a few. Stay tuned for other ways to save money on your travels, brought to you by the Travel Experts® at Luggagefactory.com.

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