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Birdwatching Gallery

Birdwatching Gallery

For those that do not know, Birdwatching is a recreation activity that focuses on watching birds. Tourists and aficionados look at the pretty birds using binoculars, a camera or a telescope. Aside from relying on the eye, birders are good listeners. They need to know where to find a bird, based on their song.

Unlike ornithologists, birdwatchers simply enjoy the thrill of looking at a bird. They are not really interesting in studying their mating or feeding habits. Overall, most birdwatchers keep a list of all the kinds of birds they see. A good chuck takes photos of them.

Birdwatching became popular during the Victorian era. Because of the industrial revolution, a lot of people had free time. Higher Middle class and upper class vacationers took to birdwatching. The term was first coined by Edmund Selous, in 1901, in his book called “Bird Watching”.

In the US, birdwatching was introduced in 1897. Though not called such, a book named “Bird Neighbors” described all the North American birds people could watch and were to find them. It was a best seller.

Overall, most who engage in birdwatching have a little too much free time on their hands. The majority focus on watching birds near the area where they live. Tourists with a lot of money travel to other countries. When they do travel, they chose areas were large flocks like to gather.

As of now, there are three bird watching competitions: Big Day, Big Year and Big Sit. The Big Year competition was made into a movie. It showed why Birdwatchers enjoy their hobby so much. Some talented birdwatchers can even make a career out of it.

Below is a small gallery showing 30 birds from all over the world. They live in regions where birdwatchers can find plenty to look at.

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