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Best Luggage for Men

Most luggage is unisex, maximizing the appeal to both men and women. However, sometimes men like to have a sleek looking men’s bag for business, work, or play. Whether you are buying a bag for yourself, your father, your son, or your friend it’s important to buy the best bag for the occasion. Below are a few tips for men’s luggage: For business travelers, we recommend a sleek briefcase for the work essentials and a carry-on suitor to store business clothes. Click here for our briefcases Click here to shop for carry-ons For more of an outdoor bag, we have a great selection of Carhartt bags to choose from for tools, clothes, and everything in between. For men looking to carry sports gear, we recommend a duffel bag, enabling you to fit as much as possible into your bag: Click here to shop for gym bags

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