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Best American Road Trips

Flying is great for getting from point A to point B, but what about the points in between? As many as 79% of Americans chose to drive to vacation destinations in recent years. Often thought of as a relic of yesteryear, the great American road trip is still alive today. There are so many beautiful and varied landscapes in this country of ours, and the best way to see them all is often behind the wheel. Below are a few of our picks for the best road-trip options in America: Blue Ridge Parkway: Looking for a scenic road trip within reach of the East Coast? Take a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway from Charlottesville, Virginia to Asheville, North Carolina to touch Appalachia. This 469 mile stretch offers a variety of interesting activities, camp sites, gorgeous views, B & B options, and even a few historical sites. While the houses of both Thomas Jefferson and Stonewall Jackson are an interesting draw, the real flavor in this drive comes from the views. Make sure to stop at a few overlooks and the unique natural bridge along the way to get a full dose of natural beauty. From the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smokey Mountains and everywhere in between, the Blue Ridge Parkway allows you to scope out the best views close to the East Coast.   A Cruise through the Badlands: When people hear South Dakota, they often think of flat plains and a boring landscape, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The western half of the state where the Badlands lie contains some of the richest scenery in America. Other than Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills houses six national parks and a number of scenic highways and byways. Cruise along Highway 385 through the forests of the Ponderosa Pines hopping between small towns tucked within the hills. Take your time driving through western South Dakota and visiting the parks to enjoy this often forgotten gem in the heart of America.   Pacific Coast Highway: One of America’s most famous highway stretches, the Pacific Coast Highway from Monterey, California to Morro Bay, California is one of the true bucket list road trips in the U. S. This 123 mile stretch of highway hugs the California coastline, winding between cliffs and the Pacific Ocean. The famous Big Sur cliffs make the entire trip worthwhile, and the countless other spots will entice you to stop along the highway and just stare for a while. Stop by the Hearst Castle or the Morro Bay National Park for some history and even more natural beauty…If you can handle it!   Hana Highway: While most tend to stay on the beaten track, some choose to take the road less traveled. Hana Highway in Maui is certainly a qualified contender. While often bumpy, tight, and dangerous, a long trip down the Hana Highway yields some of the best and often private views in Hawaii. The grand cliffs, lava formations, ocean views, and lush forests all await you along this road full of hairpin turns and tight squeezes. Come prepared with food and water for a long trip. The reward is a gorgeous look into the quieter natural beauty of one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country.   The Lone Star’s Big Bend: Take a trip through West Texas for a hybrid of mountainous and desert terrain with a wide open sky. Best American Road Trips start by leaving El Paso and driving through to Marfa, stopping along the way for photo opportunities of the wide open sky (Hint: A sun-roof would be nice!). Continue on through the small towns of Alpine and Marathon for unique Texas flavor and even B&B’s. Then finishing with a trip through the paved or unpaved roads of Big Bend National Park for scenic views of the impressive Texan cliffs and the Rio Grande. Be sure to bring water and plan to go around the summer season to keep from melting!  

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