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Best Airports Around the World

hether it’s efficiency, cleanliness, or architecture, here are some of the best airports around the world- each unique in its own way! How many have you crossed off the list?  
  1. Singapore Changi Airport: Consistently making “top airport” lists every year; the Singapore airport is fully equipped with a rooftop pool, luxury lounges, movie theaters, spas, and more.
  1. London Heathrow Airport: Although Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, it’s known for its easy-to-navigate terminals, highly efficient staff, and some of the best airport shopping in the world.
  1. Hong Kong International Airport: One of the cleanest airports around the world, the busy terminals of the Hong Kong International Airport offer some of the best airport dining around and even a 9-hole golf course!
  1. Vancouver International Airport: On the opposite side of the spectrum, Vancouver International is known to be one of the least busy airports in the world. With interesting Pacific Northwest artwork, travelers can enjoy a leisurely layover here.
  1. Munich Airport: A very aesthetically pleasing airport, Munich’s airport has many high walls and ceilings made of glass giving it an open feel.

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