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Before Traveling Abroad.

Everything you should do before you Travel Abroad.
  • Research
    1. Secure your Travel Dates and book your Flight in advance to get the best Price. How far in advance you ask? The Travel Experts® At Luggage Factory Recommend 10 Month in advance for Asia, 9 Month in advance for Europe and 3 Months in Advance for Latin America.
    2. Check guidebooks or go online and research the places you want to visit. Some places require you to make reservations in advance.
    3. In case of Emergencies, have the contact of the nearest US Embassy. Also check for travel warnings and political conditions before any travel.
  • Travel Documents
    1. If you don’t have a Passport, Apply for one at least one year in advanced. For US citizens, it takes between four and six weeks to get one and costs no more than $60 for expedite Services.
    2. US Passport Cards are valid only when traveling to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean But for travel Abroad you need a Passport Book.
    3. US passport Book are valid all over the world and cost $135 + $60 for expedite services.
    4. Make two copies of your passport, one for yourself and one to leave at home with someone you trust.
    5. You might also require a Visa to enter some countries. Find out all the requirements beforehand.
    6. If you plan on driving on another country, your regular driver’s license is not enough you need to get a IDP or International Driving Permit
  • Medications
    1. Ask your doctor about any Vaccinations you might need before traveling. When going to some African countries you are required to be vaccinated beforehand.
    2. Ask your doctor for a letter in case you’re asked about your medications. Find out if there are generic equivalents you can bring to avoid taking prescription medications whenever possible
    3. Pack a little extra medication than you usual doze and make sure it is in the usual package to avoid surprises.
  • Packing
    1. Make Sure you have a sturdy suitcase or backpack depending on the type of trip.
    2. Make sure you are aware of what you can , and cannot bring on a carry on bag.
    3. Place liquids on a zip bag and follow the 3:1:1 TSA Rule
  • Technology
    1. TRY to find a place with free wi-fi
    2. Get a free roaming plan if you plan to travel abroad often
    3. Turn off your phone’s data feature to make sure you are not charged extra while abroad.
    4. Download apps that will help you while you travel. We recommend Viber, Skype, Whatsapp that allow you to talk for free. Trip Lingo to learn important questions in other language. And Safety Map worldwide app for future emergencies.
    5. If you don’t have a watch… GET ONE. Make sure it is time zone accurate.
    6. Buy Converters and adapters for all your electronics.
  • Money
    1. Tell your bank you’re going to be traveling so that your card doesn’t get canceled. Make sure your card will work in the country you’re traveling to.
    2. Take out some cash in the currency of the place you’re traveling to, in case you need money right away when you arrive.
    3. Look up the conversion rate.
    4. Keep in mind that some countries include haggling in their transactions. Be ready to barter to get the best price.
    5. Check if there are any fees to enter or exit the country you’re traveling.

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