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Baltimore, Maryland

Charm City, or Baltimore, has as much history and excitement as anywhere in America. Monuments are spread through the streets, the waterfront harbor is active and beautiful, and the historic Orioles and Preakness Stakes both call the city home. There’s so much to experience in Baltimore. Plan your trip today! 5 Must-See Attractions: Fort McHenry- The site that inspired “The Star Spangled Banner” during the War of 1812, Fort McHenry holds decades of history in its fortifications along the Baltimore Harbor. Top of the World Observation Level- While it’s not quite the top of the world, or even the highest point in Baltimore, the observation level does offer one of the best views of Baltimore and surrounding city and harbor. Baltimore Historic Ships- A unique experience featuring a pre-industrial warship, a submarine, and two other warships all tour-ready for travelers. Babe Ruth Birthplace- For any sports fan this is a special place. Babe Ruth had an immense and lasting impact on baseball, and this small museum showcases his life and career in an interesting way. Pimlico Race Course- Not quite the aura of Churchill Downs, but Pimlico is the site of the Preakness Stakes, one of the big three races in horse racing. 5 Great Sites for Kids: National Aquarium- A large aquarium with beautiful exhibits and a huge variety of sea creatures. Baltimore Museum of Art- An enormous collection of art from all around the world, all finely displayed in the halls of the Baltimore Museum of Art. Oriole Park- One of the most picturesque baseball parks in America, Oriole Park is surrounded by red brick buildings, green grass, and trees. Maryland Science Center- The kids will love you for taking a trip to the Maryland Science Center for interactive exhibits and fun learning! Geppi’s Entertainment Museum- The history of comics and general entertainment is detailed in this museum, giving the kids plenty to look at and a lot of history. 5 Free Attractions: Federal Hill Park- A green oasis amidst the harbor and the city, Federal Hill Park overlooks an area of Baltimore which showcases unique architecture and history. Little Italy- There are plenty of food options throughout Little Italy, but the trip itself provides an Italian atmosphere for anyone looking for it. Washington Monument & Mount Vernon Place- A smaller version of the Washington monument in a quiet park with beautiful trees and interesting architecture. Sherwood Gardens- A beautiful garden with a bevy of different flowers all well kempt, perfect for a visit in the spring or summer. Fells Point- A great spot to explore shops and markets, Fell’s Point is one of the best locales in Baltimore and a lot of fun for cheap. 5 Great Restaurants: Miss Shirley’s- One of the best breakfast spots in Baltimore, Miss Shirley’s serves a mean pancake and excellent chicken and waffles. DiPasquale’s Italian Marketplace- A quaint Italian bakery with fantastic rice balls, cannolis, and chicken parmesan. Cazbar- If you’re looking for a break from the plethora of great Italian and American restaurants in Baltimore, then take a trip to Cazbar for a taste of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop- For those looking for a dessert stop, Vaccaro’s is hard to beat, the only thing better than the look of their cannolis is the taste. LP Steamers- If you haven’t been to Maryland, then you have to try the crab, and LP Steamers has a sterling reputation of serving a savory variety. 5 Great Nightlife Spots: The Admiral’s Cup- In the middle of Fells Point, the Admiral’s Cup entertains guests with great bar food and a huge beer selection. Max’s Taphouse- A popular bar with just about every beer you can imagine and a full menu of bar favorites like chicken, nachos, and much more. Club Charles- A bar with a fun atmosphere and varied jukebox with a wide variety of options and song styles. Most call it a “dive bar” in the most affectionate way possible. DuClaw Brewery- DuClaw’s hub is in Maryland, and their huge range of eclectic beers is available at the Brewing Company restaurant and bar. The food is great and the beer is even better. Baltimore Comedy Factory- Looking for a laugh and a few drinks, the Baltimore Comedy Factory always moves through top local acts. 5 Romantic Getaways: Woodberry Kitchen- A romantic evening with an elegant ambience and delicately fine menu for you and your date to share! Waterfront Kitchen- An elegant restaurant along the harbor with beautiful outdoor views and fine dining. Make sure to call ahead! Inn at Henderson’s Wharf- Just off of Fell’s Point, Inn at Henderson’s Wharf has beautiful accommodations and a reputation as one of the most romantic spots in Baltimore. The Brewer’s Art- A sophisticated brew house with finely presented beer options, an stylish atmosphere, and wonderful menu with fancy options. Cylburn Arboretum- A walk through Cylburn is intimate and peaceful. The perfect spot for some fresh air during an afternoon date. 5 Must-Try Foods: Berger Cookies- Just about everywhere you turn in Baltimore, people are talking about Berger’s Cookies, they are to die for. Old Bay Crab- Crabs are a Baltimore specialty and Old Bay seasoning is a Baltimore classic, and when you mix together a specialty and a classic, you get magic. Crab Mac & Cheese - Sensing a theme here? Crab or crab seasoning can be found all over Baltimore and crab mac & cheese is served on its own or on top of something else, like a hot dog! National Bohemian Beer- About as Baltimore as the Orioles, National Bohemian Beer tops any list of must tries in Baltimore. Oysters- Available throughout the city and cooked in a variety of ways, oysters are another Baltimore staple. Climate: The climate in Baltimore remains mild throughout the year as the city experiences all four seasons in a relatively gradual progression. The winters are chilly, with temperatures hovering around freezing, while the summers are warm with average temperatures rising into the high 70’s and 80’s (Fahrenheit). The average rainfall in Baltimore is right around the national average. The monthly averages rise a little bit in the summer, but not enough to significantly affect your packing plans. Transportation: There are a number of different options for transportation around the city. The main transportation method is the bus lines, but driving might be the easiest option if possible. However, the traffic can be a slowdown at times. A light rail system and metro also serve to move visitors around the city. Safety Precautions: Baltimore, like any major city, has some areas that are more accessible to travelers. Visitors should stay in the areas around the Waterfront, major tourist destinations, and hotels without venturing too far out unless you have researched and know where you are going. Crime is an issue in Baltimore, as it is everywhere, so just make sure you do a little research and use common sense before exploring. Souvenirs: There are plenty of shops around Fells Point, all of which sell knick-knacks and small mementoes that are perfect tor remember your trip. A small gift from Camden Yards or the Natural Bohemian Beer store will keep your friends and family happy. Trip Highlights: Exploring Fells Point and all the shops, restaurants, and history that pervade the district remains entrenched in the minds of travelers long after your visit. Camden Yards and Pimlico Race track will hold a special place in the heart of any sports fan. Documentation: U.S. residents need only personal identification, trip itineraries, and funds to travel to Baltimore. A passport or further documentation is not needed to traverse the city. Air Travel Information: Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) primarily services Baltimore and the surrounding area. Most major airlines fly to (BWI), including United, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, jetBlue, and many more. Transportation to and from the airport is available via bus, car rental, rail, taxi, and other app services.  

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