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Baltic Cruise  Stockholm in Switzerland

Baltic Cruise Stockholm in Switzerland


The Norwegian cruise ship made its 6th stop in Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital of Switzerland. It is composed of numerous islets which form a city. The city is located in the freshwater Lake Malaren. It has about 14 little islands.

Most people know of the place because of Stockholm syndrome. The first recorded case of this syndrome was in this city.

In August 23 to 28, 1973, robbers at the bank of Stockholm held the employees hostage. The employees from Kreditbanken developed an emotional attachment to the robbers.

The term was coined by the psychiatrist Frank Ochberg. He was there to help manage the hostage situation.

Now as for the capital of Switzerland, it was founded in 1187. The Vikings were the first to visit place. This port city appears in many Norse sagas, under the name of Agnafit. In those sagas, Stockholm was an important port were iron was traded.

The name of the city means Islet Fortification.  The official history claims that Stockholm was founded by Birger Jarl.  He used the place as a maritime fortress to protect his empire from enemy navies and pirates.

The Old Town in the center island was the most important. It became a strategic center for people who wanted to trade with the Danes and the Kalmar Union.

In the 17th century, Sweden became relevant. As the country grew in strength, so did Stockholm. From the 1610 to 1680, international laws gave Stockholm a monopoly of the ocean trade within the Swedish and Scandinavian territories.

In 1710, the city was hit by a plague which killed 20,000 people. This caused it to lose its prominent spot as the capital of Sweden. In response to this, Stockholm started creating factories and new ships. They went way out of their way to become relevant again.

By the early 20th century, Stockholm became the most technologically advance city in the world. The city expanded a lot from then on. Stockholm has enjoyed luxury and wealth since the 20th century. They own much of their growth to a large immigrant population.

At the border of the city are suburban districts called Rinkeby and Tensta. Tourist usually avoids those areas. They are dull looking and quite dangerous. They sort operate like the Swedish version of the favelas. Stockholm’s immigrant population lives there.

The laws there make certain to create a racial and social divide between the Swedish and other minority groups. These immigrants all work in the service industry.

Well, some things cannot be helped. All cities have a dark side to them. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

It should not make tourists feel guilty about visiting Stockholm. Still, they should know what areas they must avoid.

Stockholm has a humid climate. It has about 170 rainy days. It usually snows from December to March. Because of its location, in the summer it gets 18 hours of daylight and in the winter it gets only 6.  The night sky also looks lighter during the summer time.

The temperature has increased in Stockholm by a few degrees over the years. Now in the summer, temperature is usually around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, it is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Stockholm also does not have any heavy industry kind of factories. It also has plenty of computer companies. This helps to reduce pollution, thus making Stockholm one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Like all European cities, all the old buildings are found in the Old Town. Some of the best buildings that they have are the Riddarholm Church, the Stockholm Palace, Sodermalm and the Royal Swedish Opera.

Stockholm also has 100 Museums all packed day and night. The best one of those museums is the Moderna Museet. It has some of the works by Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Stockholm also has a very sophisticated system of transportation. It has ferries, green energy commuter trains, city bikes, buses and four airports.  Tourists can find their way around town pretty easily.

The first place this tourist family visited was Riddarfjarden. The name of the place means The Knight Firth. This was the place where the majority of the ships and cruises dock in Stockholm.

 From there, they could see Sodermalm, which is the central district of Stockholm. The houses there were all built in the 18th and 17th century. They are all still well preserved.

The next place they visited was the Stockholm Royal Palace. The palace is still in use and has Royal Guards marching. From time to time, the palace allows guided tours.

The family spent their time circling the palace and taking photos for a bit. After they got bored of circling the palace, the family went sightseeing again.

They visited the Stockholm Cathedral. It is the oldest church in the Old Town. It is a perfect example of Swedish Brick Gothic. While the rest of Europe had flamboyant gothic Churches, the Swedish opted for box format. The interior was interesting enough.

After exiting the church, they circled around it for a little bit taking photos. From there, they went to check out the stores. They explored Gamla Stan. This street won a Guinness world Records for being one of the oldest streets, still in once piece. The street dates as far back as the 13th century.

The street was composed of merchant houses. It was the site of Stockholm’s Stock Exchanged Building. It became a popular tourist attraction in the 1980s because of its medieval and Renaissance buildings.

After exploring the street, this family went to the see the parade of the Royal Guards. Like any Royal Guards, they were full of pomp. It was a pretty interesting performance. They usually draw in a large crowd.

From there, the family returned to the coast to walk about the old town. They went sightseeing while on a boat.

 An interesting place they visited was the Vasa Museum. This Museum displays the Vasa ship. It was a warship that was sank in 1628. It was salvaged for the Museum. The Museum also has other ships like the Sankt Erik, Finngrundet, Spica and Bernhard Ingelsson.

After leaving the Museum, the family returned to the docks. Before returning to the cruise ship, they rode on a boat which gave them a mini-tour of the docks. Overall, Stockholm was an interesting place to visit.

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