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Avoid Losing Your Luggage

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to your travel destination and learning that your luggage did not make it. Here is a tip to help the airlines from losing your luggage. Compare the baggage claim ticket with your boarding pass after you check your luggage. The baggage claim ticket, basically your luggage’s boarding pass, has on it the three letter destination airport code. After you check your luggage, compare the airport three- letter identifier on the baggage claim ticket with the airport three- letter identifier on your boarding pass. For example, if you are travelling to Los Angeles, California the airport identifier is LAX and your boarding pass will have LAX as the destination. Check this against the identifier on your baggage claim ticket. If your baggage claim ticket has LAX on it, you know the baggage has been checked to Los Angeles. However, if it has something different, for example NAS, you can assume your bag is not going to Los Angeles but to Nassau, Bahamas. If you notice a difference between your boarding pass destination and the baggage claim ticket destination, immediately inform the airline so that they can make the correction prior to your departure. Remember when you are checking luggage, you are checking luggage along with many different travelers going to many different destinations. It is not hard for a busy airline ticket agent to inadvertently put another travelers baggage tag on your luggage. Hopefully, this simple tip will help you avoid losing your luggage and then spending a good portion of your trip trying to track it down. Not to mention the inconvenience of not having your stuff!  

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