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Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, or Aotearoa as the Maori call it is famed for its diverse landscapes and unique culture, but there is more to this country than meets the eye. Today We’re going to explore just the Auckland Region. Things to try out on your first day.
  • Check out the top of Sky Tower.
  • Visit the Auckland museum,
  • Go to the Marbough cruise
Where to go to have the full Aucklan Experience. Visit Kakapuna Beach and order Fish and chips – Aucklanders love fish and chips. The best place to have them is at Takapuna Fish shop 444 Lake Road Takapuna Central beach. Hit the Woodhill Mountain Bike Park – Get out of Auckland City for a day and explore the beautiful forest of Woodhill on a mountain bike. For beginners, take a leisurely ride on a novice trail, or hurtle down a challenging single track on your hard tail if you’re a seasoned rider. After riding , stop off at one of the great local eateries on the way back for a late lunch. Carriage café and blossomed café are both delicious. Treasure Island Miniature golf – Mini golf is a favorite Kiwi pastime and treasure Island is hands down the biggest and coolest outdoor mini golf in Auckland. Kayak the coastline at Mission Bay – Mission bay is where Aucklanders come to eat, play and be seen – renting a kayak lets you explore the coastline and check out some of those awesome super yachts. Check out Otara markets – This is the biggest and most vibrant outdoor market in New Zealand, find everything from fresh local produce, delicious ethnic food, to arts and crafts by local designers. Check out Burger Fuel – Having become somewhat of a local delicacy  in the burger department, Burger Fuel is New Zealand’s own home grown burger chain that’s even expanded overseas. As their motto goes “because life’s too short to eat bad burgers” Visit Muriwai Beach – One of Aukland’s Prized west coast beaches driving across Muriwai beach has been a favorite local pastime for decades. With 50 KMs of beach you can literally drive along for miles. Visit Spring Park – Aucklanders love chilling out at Western Spring, the biggest and most popular park in the central Auckland area, Beautiful maintained with huge lakes in the center full of ducks. Dessert at Chocolate Boutique – While Auckland doesn’t have many dessert restaurants, Chocolate Boutique has been around for a very long time and remains a local favorite wish won’t break the bank.

Best time to Travel :

Peak Season form December- Feb. | Shoulder Season March – November | Winter Sports for May – Sept. Tipping: 0-10% For wait staff. No need to tip Tour guides or Bag keepers, Taxi and bartenders always round up your tip. Table Manners: Keep your Knife in your right hand; fork on left, don’t switch. Conversation typically pauses while eating and resumes after meal for long periods of time. When finishing, lay fork and knife across the right side of the plate. Best food to try out.
  1. Maori Hangi
  2. Lamb shops
  3. Marmite
  4. Bluff Oysters
  5. Local Cheese
  6. Lolly cake
  7. Hokey pokey ice cream
  8. Local wines
Basic culture and costume to keep in mind: Smile and shake hands when greeting someone. Its Customary to ride in the front seat in taxi cars services, especially for men. Despite a laid-back attitude, punctuality is expected in new Zealand. Driving Rules are a tad different: Drive on the left , speed limit Is 100 KM per hour so expect fast moving traffic.  

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