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Are you a tourist? Are you a Traveler?

Tourist or Traveler. Is there a difference? How can you tell? We asked this question to our travel experts and they came up with this simple test to determine if you're a tourist, or a traveler. Simple if you answer yes add +1 to your tourist list, if you answer no to any of these questions then ad +1 to your traveler list, and at the end the one with most points will help you determine your travel identity. Lets play. Luggage or Tote? What are you carrying, if you answer is, “a _____ luggage” you’re a tourist, if you answered a “________ Tote bag” then you’re a traveler. Why? Tourist often overpack and carry very large luggage pieces with tons of clothing and electronics, while travelers organize and carry just the essential. Laptop or Tablet ? If you’re a tourist you will bring your laptop with you, and your cellphone and your table and 20 other things, a traveler knows that the table is a good substitute for over 10 electronic devices, for cellphone, laptop, map, book, GPS and more. Starbucks or Local Brew? If you said Starbucks , you’re a tourist, if you said Local brew? You’re a Traveler/ Coffee just like it tastes at home? Starbucks , you’re in another country but you seek homely things, that’s not a bad things but you might be missing out on something new. Travelers on the other hand avoid global chain restaurants and instead drink the local brew. Bud light or Town Brewery? A tourist will drink globally famous bears instead of trying out a new local brewery or local drink, there is nothing wrong with that, its just that you can have a bear any day. Why not try one of the local favorite. Long Horn Stake house or Asparagus Sause in a Siddiqui Sause? Tourist will always go for the stake because it’s a flavor they are familiar. When ordering, they will always go for the stake. Its easy , you know what to expect. Travelers on the other hand will try out the weirdest most out of the comfort zone dish they can find. You are on a trip to a foreign country, go for the weird and the bizarre. Tour the business center or travel to a remote location? If you’re doing tours you’re a tourist, if you’re traveling , you’re a traveler. I know touring is the safest most in the comfort zone option but often when you just stick to touring you miss out on some really awesome out of the way experience. Next time you travel to a country ask the locals where you should go instead of going for a tour. Some tours are cliché based and have what tourist expect to find but not necessarily give you a genuine experience of being in another country. Gift shop or street market? When picking a gift for someone buy local , avoid gift shops and tourist cliché, many countries have street vendors that feature genuine products form the country you’re visiting, you may have to barter but you will leave with genuine ware and not some tourist gimmick. English or local language? If you’re going to travel to another country, nothing screams out tourist more than not speaking even a little bit of the local language. Its another country, at least learn how to say hello in their language. It’s not only a common courtesy but you will see how locals responded to a show of respect. Alright tally your result and ask yourself, Do you want to be a tourist or a traveler? There is nothing wrong with either one, its just a choice of how you wish to enjoy your trip. From everyone at the travel experts we wish you safe and happy travels and as always get your luggage with the Luggage Factory  

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