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There has been plenty of airline news in the past couple days.  A few carriers have announced new service, and others have begun selling “basic economy” fares.  Let’s take a quick look to see what is new up in the sky. First, ultra-low cost carrier, Spirit Airlines announced new service to Pittsburgh, PA beginning in May.  They’ll add several cities, including seasonal service to Myrtle Beach, SC throughout the summer.   You’ll be able to take advantage of low fares from Pittsburgh to Dallas/Ft. Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Houston and LAX.  Remember that unless you pay for either a checked bag, or standard size carry on, you’re only permitted to take a bag that will fit under the seat without an additional charge.  Still, additional carriers in Pittsburgh is not a bad thing and with Spirit’s lower fares, expect to see the airport’s other carriers including Southwest and American offer more competitive fares. For those looking to head across the pond, especially to Scotland and Ireland.  Norwegian Air will being flying to cities in Ireland and Scotland like Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Shannon.  These flights will depart from airports in the North East and New England to include Providence, Rhode Island, Newburgh, New York and Hartford, Connecticut.  Norwegian Air will fly these routes non-stop on their new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with one class of service.  Norwegian Air is Europe’s third largest low cost carrier and already offers low fares to cities like Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and dozens more.  Norwegian flies Boeing 787 Dreamliners on many of the longer routes, and often has excellent prices on their premium cabin which is often much less than their competition; and for just a few hundred dollars over their coach fares. Finally, both American and United have started selling their previously announced Basic Economy fares on several routes.  These new, lower fares, are very restrictive and usually do NOT allow for seat selection until check in.  Also the fare will not include a carry on (personal item only), boarding will be in the final group, no refunds or changes, and a number of other restrictions.  Again, before you book, be sure to compare ALL of the available fares that appear on the airlines’ websites.  Be aware of the restrictions and make the best fare choice before you click PURCHASE. As you can see, it has been a busy week in the world of airlines.  Hope this helps you in your future travel plans!  

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